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My 2011 had horrible antenna reception and this android unit improved that drastically. Sound is better as it outputs more power. Placement of the unit for a touchscreen is flat out dangerous if you look down to do something while driving. Mine is snappy and everything loads and runs fine. When I first got unit it froze a couple times but it has been flawless for many months now. I added backup camera and tried to run it off taillight power and that is not good enough, I need to add a relay to battery for camera power required otherwise it only clicks on half the time. I bought from Ali express, took about a month to arrive.
Hey! Thanks so much for the info. I have a few questions if you don't mind.

First, which unit did you buy?
I found this one on Aliexpress:,searchweb201602_3,searchweb201603_52

I found one other similar unit on there for the same price (and with slightly quicker shipping), but it looks like the linked one above is the only one with 2gb of Ram (vs 1gb in the other units). Is this the one that you purchased?

A few more questions:

  1. I see a few people mention that they have issues with no sound coming from the right speakers after they install this unit. I definitely don't want that... did this happen to you when you installed? You didn't mention it so I hope not. I also have a 2011 so it's reassuring.
  2. Is it truly plug and play? Are all harnesses / wiring included? Do the steering wheel controls (volume, skip track, etc.) still work and are plug and play?
  3. How difficult was the install? I'm handy but am always nervous to tear apart my center console.
  4. Is there apple car play? I typically just stream Spotify via bluetooth to the OEM head unit, so I can always do that. But if there is Apple car play that would be amazing.
  5. I see that the it lists it comes with a USB cable. However, all of the photos I have seen of it show no USB input on the head unit. Is it hidden?
  6. Do the stock USB and aux inputs that are on the car already still work with the head unit?

Thanks so much if you're able to help! I really want to order this but have been hesitant to spend almost $300 on a mostly unreviewed unit likely without the option to return.
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