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Hi Guys,

This is my 1st post. I am based in UK, been benefiting from this forum for a while, silently but today I needed some advice please. Thanks in advance and my query below,..

I have a 2011 - CT200H SE-I (basic model does not even have cruise control) with 64K miles on the clock. The car was off road for about a year. I know this is perhaps the best way to kill a hybrid but I undertook few steps. i.e. jack the car all four wheels, remove 12v battery, remove HV main plug in boot. There was some fuel left in the tank as well as far as I can remember.
My circumstances changed over time and I needed the car back on road again. So, last week I started preparing the car, beginning with new genuine 12v battery from Lexus as old one was dead.
Plugged the HV battery connection (the orange/amber plug in trunk/boot). Filled the tank with 7 liters of fuel, though the fuel guage states its near half full (I am now skeptical)
So after the prep work I pressed the power button. All started gracefully and I did get a ready light as well and the obvious next step is that the engine would kick in but for me it started like a growling sound and stalled and on the mini LCD display a warning came up as check hybrid system.

So I tried again but this time no ready light :(

Luckily I have techstream (OBD) and on further inspection it revealed P0A0F (Engine failed to start). For the car to get to ready state again, I have to erase the MIL code.

I have captured the video
You can hear the engine noise from engine attempting to start (i.e. engine after ready symbol to stall (check hybrid system - message) the noise comes from the transaxle side. The engine does slightly vibrate as if it is attempting to start.

One of my friend has advised that the car is not getting the fuel and thinks the fuel sender unit may be at fault or blocked and suggested that clater is MG1's attempt to start the engine and times out (fail safe system).

I hope it is not catastrophic. The car has engine oil BTW.
Thanks again.

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