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Not sure if prices have dropped since this came out earlier this year or if it's worth it to get a 2012 version over the 2011, once it comes out in a couple weeks.
Definitely get a 2012 version over the 2011.
Dealers not discounting much on 2011 but 1 year difference might cost you $2000 in the future, when you try selling it.
Also, it feels good when you drive your car for 12 months and it's still new. :)

By the way, in 2012 they added an additional compartment (where the navigation system normally located) and it has 12V socket. This compartment is great for a portable navigation system with cables. Easy to hide when you don't need it.

We got a 2012 yesterday. The sicker price was $33016 (MSRP). Same prices as you get when build on Lexus website.
I was able to get $550 off this price.

Purchased at Lexus of Seattle.
CT 200h Premium (with sun roof and heated seats).
Nebula Gray Pearl + Black Nuluxe trim.
Options: rear view camera, clear door protectors, cargo net, wheel locks, rear bumper clear protector and cargo carpet mat.
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