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2011 CT 200h OTD Price?

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I was wondering what OTD prices people have been getting for the 2011 CT 200h recently? Not sure if prices have dropped since this came out earlier this year or if it's worth it to get a 2012 version over the 2011, once it comes out in a couple weeks.

If you can provide the following, it would really give me a good point of reference:

1. Base or Premium style
2. Options added? If so, which one(s)? (i.e. Premium Audio Package, Preferred Accessory Package, Leather Package, etc.)
3. OTD Price (including Options, Destination Charge, Taxes, Title, Tags, any other benefits)

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!
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The OTD price should really matter since everybody pays different tax and doc fees. What you need to know is where they are located at, MSRP including destination, the discount they got, and if they traded in a car. Many times they might not discount the CT, but will give you more for your trade in. Also, where you are located at makes a difference. When I purchased mine, they were not discounting in Chicago. But, they were discounting in Cali where I ended up buying mine. You might want to look at this thread.
Thanks exbauer! I'm over in the NYC/NJ/PA area. Anybody get a CT from any of those 3 states?
Definitely get a 2012 version over the 2011.
Dealers not discounting much on 2011 but 1 year difference might cost you $2000 in the future, when you try selling it.
Also, it feels good when you drive your car for 12 months and it's still new. :)

By the way, in 2012 they added an additional compartment (where the navigation system normally located) and it has 12V socket. This compartment is great for a portable navigation system with cables. Easy to hide when you don't need it.

We got a 2012 yesterday. The sicker price was $33016 (MSRP). Same prices as you get when build on Lexus website.
I was able to get $550 off this price.

Purchased at Lexus of Seattle.
CT 200h Premium (with sun roof and heated seats).
Nebula Gray Pearl + Black Nuluxe trim.
Options: rear view camera, clear door protectors, cargo net, wheel locks, rear bumper clear protector and cargo carpet mat.
Nice deal! What ended being your OTD price? Thanks for the tip on getting the 2012 over the 2011 version!

Do you know what the invoice vs MSRP price is for a premium version of a 2012 is w/o options? For 2011, $28,706 Invoice vs $30,900 MSRP seems to be the consensus for the premium CT, at least according to Edmunds.
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