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2011 CT 200h oil consumption problems

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I have a 2011 CT200h and it has been a great car until this year when I found out I am having internal oil consumption. I have had to add oil several times and have found out that this is a very costly issue from a certified technician and a Lexus Dealership. Has anyone else had oil consumption issues with this model? The private technician I have been using for years says that this is an issue with CT200s and the dealership told me this has not been a problem with this model. I only have 110,000 miles and was hoping to keep the car for many more years. I cannot afford the repairs and know the engine is being compromised if the problem is not resolved. Has anyone had luck contacting Lexus? I am planning to call them to see if they will help with this repair. I am happy to get feedback about your recommendations with my car. Thanks, Ellen
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I haven't but have read that others have on this forum. Eventually you'll need gasket replacements if you are burning oil, no real way around that.
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