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Hey guys this info may be helpful for anyone looking to replace their head gasket on your CT, I recently did this job on a 2013 prius, Same engine just different chassis. Let me know if you have any questions.
0:00 YO
0:50 Disconnect auxillary battery and hybrid battery safety plug ("service plug grip" in repair manual)
1:13 Remove plastic engine cover
1:19 Remove wiper blades (3x 14mm nuts) and upper cowl panel
1:46 Remove wiper motor assembly (4x 10mm bolts, 1 wire connector) and lower cowl panel (10x 10mm bolts)
2:30 Unplug MAF sensor (1 wire connector); remove intake air cleaner assembly, air cleaner hose assembly, air cleaner cap sub-assembly, air cleaner hose assembly, air cleaner case (3x 10mm bolts)
3:29 Unplug ignition coils (4 wire connectors), variable valve timing solenoid (1 wire connector)
4:08 Remove ground wires (3x 10mm bolts)
4:46 Be mindful of damaging A/C compressor connector
5:07 Unplug A/C compressor, knock sensor, water pump, throttle body; Remove coolant lines and vacuum lines from throttle body; Remove intake manifold (2x 10mm bolts on EGR valve; 3x 12mm bolts, 2x 12mm nuts on cylinder head sub-assembly)
5:29 Double sneeze
5:36 Excuses
6:34 Remove intake manifold and throttle body as one unit
6:52 Remove cylinder head cover (12x 10mm bolts, 1x long 10mm bolt w/ non-replaceable seal washer)
7:30 Raise car; Remove splash shield
8:00 Drain engine oil and engine coolant
8:15 Unplug oxygen sensor, oil pressure sensor, crank position sensor
8:25 Excuses
8:30 Remove timing cover bolts (9x 14mm), crank pulley AFTER setting cylinder 1 to Top-Dead-Center/Compression (1x 19mm bolt), water pump (3x short 12mm bolts, 2x long 12mm bolts, non-reusable gasket)
9:13 Remove exhaust manifold (2x 14mm bolts, 1 bracket)
10:23 Remove EGR coolant hoses
10:41 Excuses
10:47 Remove radiator pipe from transmission (2x 12mm bolts); Remove radiator hose from engine block
11:15 Remove coolant reservoir (2x 10mm bolts); Remove A/C coolant line bracket (2x 10mm)
11:27 Remove motor mount (4x 17mm bolt, 1x 17mm nut, 1x 14mm nut)
12:36 How to set cylinder no. 1 to Top-Dead-Center/Compression
13:49 Remove timing chain tensioner (2x 10mm bolts, 1x non-reusable gasket); Remove water pump
14:55 Remove timing cover
15:28 Remove chain tensioner slipper and chain vibration damper; Remove timing chain
16:37 Remove EGR (4x 12mm bolts, 4x Torx E8 studs); Remove camshaft housing (15x 12mm bolts)
17:36 Remove radiator hose, remove fuel line
18:10 Remove valve rocker arms; Be mindful of losing valve stem covers
18:32 Remove head bolts (10x non-reusable 10mm bi-hexagon bolts); Be mindful of breaking bolts loose over multiple passes and from outside inwards to avoid warping, stripping, or other damage; Do not reuse head bolts as they are torqued upon installation and stretched
19:41 Remove cylinder head
20:35 Inspect pistons, engine block, and cylinder head for warpage; Resurface engine block and cylinder head; Clean camshaft housing and timing cover; Consider bringing engine head to an auto machine shop to resurface and inspect valve seals since you're already saving so much money replacing the head gasket yourself
22:10 Timing sprocket details
22:58 Apply replacement head gasket; Replace cylinder head
24:36 Add new head bolts (10x 10mm bi-hexagon bolts torqued 49Nm/36ftlb torque on first pass, 90 degree turn on second pass, 45 degree turn on third and final pass; Torque bolts from inside outwards on each pass for even torque)
25:41 Replace valve rocker arms; Add silicone sealant on clean edge surface to seal against camshaft housing; Replace camshaft housing
26:03 Replace timing chain with timing marks lined up on camshaft timing gear, camshaft timing sprocket, and crankshaft position sensor plate
26:51 Turn crank multiple revolutions to ensure timing marks are still lined up; Add silicone sealant to clean edge surface of timing cover; Replace timing chain tensioner and all other components in reverse order
27:20 Start car; There may be a rattle from timing chain tensioner that will disappear quickly

Specialty tools: Torx E8 socket (don't get a cheap one), 10mm bi-hexagon head bolt male wrench (don't use triple-square) Standard tools: Penetrating oil e.g. PB Blaster to prevent breaking bolts or studs; Vice grips if you break a bolt or stud; 3/8" drive ratchet; 1/2" drive ratchet; 10mm, 12mm, 14mm standard sockets; 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 17mm , 19mm, 21mm deep sockets

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Thank you kindly sir for this post! I was able to do it (haven't touched a head In almost 20 years) and had no issues with this! For those of you who do it yourself, be mindful when you put the HVB interlock back in that you seat the swing arm lock fully or the engine won't start. Learned this the hard way. Also, for those of you who hat ethe cartridge style oil filter, swapping for the normal spin on filter will be the perfect time since you take the bracket off to remove the timing cover!
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