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I would like to put 255/40/18 offset +35 on my rear wheels but I'm worried that it may rub?
Sorry no personal experience on this but some thoughts anyway....

It sounds like you either:
1. you already have 35 offset rims and want to put the 255 tyres on, or
2. want new +35 rims and 255 tyres.

If 1., do you reckon there's 15mm clearance with the tyres you have? If not, it'll rub.

If 2., we don't know what offset your existing wheels are for comparison. But if we compare to the std 17" rim's specs, you'll be 10mm closer to the suspension, 18mm closer to the top of the arch, and 30mm further out than std. That might work on something pre-90's, but I doubt you'll get that under the CT200H.

See tyre and offset comparison here:
Custom rims, wheel tire packages for your ride -

What's your current offset?
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