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  1. Lexus Turbo Four Replacing 2.5L V6

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    Read more about the Lexus Turbo Four Replacing 2.5L V6 at
  2. White CT200h - Lowered - AG Wheels - Turbo

    Lexus CT200h Videos
    Just kidding about the turbo, haha. Megan Coilovers Avant Garde M240 18x9 Custom Offset Falken PT-722 225/40/18
  3. Lexus RC Revealed, NX turbo announced

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    See more photos of the Lexus RC at
  4. F1-z double supercharger turbo charger

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    Looking for more power? Why settle for either a single supercharger, or a single turbo, when you can have the double supercharger turbo charger! 1000 horsepower and 100 mpg guaranteed! F1 Z Double supercharger Turbo Charger Air Intake Fuel Saver Eco Fan Black | eBay What a surprise, this...
  5. Can you add TURBO to a hybrid vehicle?

    Lexus CT200h Engine and Technical Discussion.
    Has this been done? Is it possible?