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  1. OEM Lexus CT200h carpet mats BRAND NEW (toronto, canada ONLY)

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    hi, selling a full set of brand new and unused Lexus CT200h black carpet mats. it came with my 2013 CT200h but i never use it. placed in storage at a smoke-free and pet-free home the whole time. these mats may also fit in other model years (2011 -2015), but buyer is responsible for...
  2. any toyota dealerships in toronto canada who does regular maintenance service for CT?

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    hi, just had my second and last complimentary service for my CT, at 6 months/8000km for a oil & filter service so in 6 months from now and after i will have to pay for the lexus luxury maintenance service. next one is a maintenance service package + replace air filter many people mentioned...
  3. Toronto Servicing

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    Where do Toronto Lexus owners service their cars? Lexus Downtown is quoting almost $300 for the 12 month maintenance (oil, fluids, tire rotation, inspection). That seems outrageously high. Do I have to service it at a dealership? (I'm a year and a half through a 4 year lease.) Any advice...
  4. Silver CT owner from Toronto area

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    Hi everyone, picked up a used 2011 CT in silver with the premium package. I switched from a Golf TDI. Although the TDI was way zippier, my afternoon 35 km highway commute consists of me sitting in my car in bumper to bumper traffic for an hour or more. I've only had the CT for 2 days, but for my...
  5. FS: 2011 CT200h Technology package (full load + extra goodies) in Toronto, $31,000

    Lexus CT200h Classified forum
    Private sale by owner. 2011 Lexus CT200h, white exterior, black leather interior Technology Package (full load), 41,000km, $31,000 Eco luxury, fuel effiicient stylish Lexus. - flip-up navigation - full strip LED daytime & high beams - 17" alloy wheels - fully loaded: auto A/C, pwr windows &...
  6. Newb from Toronto, also looking for a CT200h

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    Looking forward to being active on this board. A lot of the reviews and feedback from this forum has helped decide towards CT200h. Now on to finding one. Any quick links to canadian buyers that recently bought ? I was looking to see what you've paid. 4-5K off the MSRP seem to be norm in the US...
  7. FS: Electronic Device Holder - Toronto, Canada

    Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    For sale is a new, unopened OEM Lexus CT200H Universal Electronic Device Holder - $100 OBO. Fits 2011 and 2012 CT200H models but was not available with CDN models or for sale by CDN Lexus dealerships. I purchased this accessory from the US but no longer have use for it. Save yourself the...
  8. WTB: CT200h rims. Local only. Toronto, ontario

    Lexus CT200h Classified forum
    Hello. As the title says. Pm with price location and quality. Thanks
  9. FS: Almost brand new 17" OEM wheels (No TPMS sorry) in Toronto Area

    Lexus CT200h Classified forum
  10. Toronto Area: FS: Brand New F Sport Sway Bars

    Lexus CT200h Classified forum
    Sewell made a mistake and sent me these, then said I can keep them I do not care about handling at all, so I'd like to sell these. I am too lazy to take pictures and upload them somewhere, so If you'd like pictures, please let me know your email and I can send some over. They look exactly like...
  11. SPOTTED in TORONTO (GTA Welcome!)

    Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    Hi, I'm going to start a Toronto and GTA spotted thread as there isn't a Canada sub-forum and because more CT200h's are being delivered to customers, so the chances of seeing one aren't as rare now. Post away! -- Spotted: Yellow CT at Sheppard Centre underground parking about 6PM, sweet M6...
  12. Hi from Toronto

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    Hi Guys From west end of Toronto. I just ordered my CT 2 weeks ago. Touring Package, Starfire white 1000 off MSRP Delivery ~ December Going to be looking into a few mods as well: shark fin antenna f sport grille LED interior bulbs HID low beams, HID fogs lowering springs (looking for a slight...
  13. Toronto order pickup this week

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    Hi, I was told my CT will arrive this week. I remember seeing few others with same ETA as well. Wondering if you heard anything from your dealer. I called them last week and my agent can't even confirm if I can pickup the car on the 13th ><. Thanks.
  14. DVN Lexus toronto (Canada)+ Any one got deliver on time

    Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    I am promised a deliver on July 1st week and I signed up the contract before I found this forum. I don't know if I should believe the sales people and so wanted to see if any one got a delivery from "Don Valley North Lexus". I don't know when I will get the VIN number etc..the fact that I don't...
  15. CT200h Goldie in Toronto

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    Got this lovely goldie today. Color is very bright under the sun. Ken Shaw Lexus did an excellent job of pre and post sales service. The car is in stock so I don't have to wait. Paid MSRP though :rolleyes:.
  16. Hello from Toronto!

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    Hello everyone. Just picked up a Starfire Pearl CT with Touring package last week! It's a great car, and I was lucky to secure one before they were all gone. I will be posting in the tech forum! Thanks Ryan/Samu-ry
  17. Advanced Preview of CT200h in Toronto

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    Be among the first in Canada to preview the sporty CT 200h prototype up close when it makes its only Canadian debut in Toronto. The CT will be displayed to the public in a sophisticated virtual setting, where you’ll have an opportunity to...