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  1. New Member Introductions
    Shopped all over the country for the absolute best deal I could find and am flying out to New Jersey in a few days to drive it back to Arizona. New car = new cross country road trip! Thanks to so many in this forum that helped guide me to this great car. so excited!
  2. Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    Takes about a minute to figure out. You will be amused. Post if you get it.
  3. Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    ... and will get delivery of a 2015 CT F-sport in Ultra White, black roof, Rioja interior. I am a nutter, as all this was prompted by being loaned an NX by the dealership. I subsequently test drove both the NX and the CT and decided I liked the NX but still loved the CT. The 2014 refresh went...
  4. Lexus CT200h Appearance and Body
    My F-Sport grille arrived (I ended up getting an OEM equivalent from partsgeek) Finish looks great. Looks OEM for a third of the cost. Still really cold here and we just got more snow, so I'm not sure when I can install it, but I'll update when it's in.
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone. I'm Ian from Chicago. Picked up a 2012 Nebula Grey CT today, it's got the premium audio and remote starter. Also have a 2010 Prius III, so the drivetrain isn't anything new, but I'm really enjoying the interior improvements. I have a few plans for it, F-Sport front grille and...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Woo Hoo, at Westminster Lexus, picking up new F-Sport
  7. Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    Hey guys, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of myCARiD, the ultimate social network for car enthusiasts. The website is up and eager to feature your awesome rides. What is myCARiD about? myCARiD is an all-in-one place to store, share, and discuss information about your ride. Add a...
  8. Lexus CT200h Appearance and Body
    This car collects dirt faster than any car I have ever seen. Started with this: After washing and spraying it down with some diluted alcohol to remove the old stuff that wasn't working for the color. Very flat appearance. Not too reflective. After applying HD Poxy: Very...
  9. Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    Had to go into Houston today for dental appointment and stopped by Westside Lexus on the way home. They have several 2012s from their rental fleet for sale with miles ranging from 9000 to 11,XXX. I ruled out two of them immediately because of color: Black on Black and Siliver with Black...
  10. Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    Had some time on my hands today, so I decided to spruce up the bay a little with some color.. *right click image --> open in new tab, for large photo Before: After: :cool:
  11. Lexus CT200h "How-To"/Do-It-Yourself
    I don't know if this is already a topic somewhere else if so my bad, but figured this would be a good spot maybe even a sticky. Just like the title says What did you do to your CT today? For me I've only had mine a little over a week so still knocking out a few of the cheap/free mods. This...
  12. Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    I can't believe this..I told him he was speaking of the HS Lexus...but he said "no, the hatchback"...was he misinformed or is he correct?
  13. Lexus CT200h "How-To"/Do-It-Yourself
    Hey there, First post here, but long time lurker. Today I was pulling into a corner spot in a parking lot, and accidentally scraped/scratched a part of my front. After some googling and searching around, I went ahead and already ordered the matching paint from Sewell Lexus, but when it gets...
  14. New Member Introductions
    Lol. Talk about doing a 180. Haven't regretted it for a second. And despite the net loss of oh, 350 hp, I find the CT to be plenty fast and powerful. I loved the car the second I started driving it.
  15. Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    Hey guys! I just wanted to introduce myself. Picking up a Starfire Pearl with Caramel in one hour. I just sold my Mini Cooper S. I bought it new when I was into taking corners fast and zipping around in a manual transmission. The first time I sat in a CT, my brain went, "this is me now."...
  16. Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    After 6 weeks of waiting I piked up my Fire Agate Pearl/Caramel Ct today. One of the sales staff spent about 1.5 hours showing me all the ins-n-outs of the technology in this car, Its really amazing. I'm coming from a 2000 RX so there was a heck of a lot less tech in cars back then. Anyhow...
  17. Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    My CURT Hitch came in the mail yesterday so I decided to slap it on this morning. I bought the hitch from Amazon, which was about $40 dollars less than etrailer said they would match the price but didn't have it stock and would be 2-3 weeks before I got it. On the other hand...
  18. New Member Introductions
    This is going to be 4-6 weeks of wishing every day away... This will be my first new car, upgrading from a 2001 Honda Civic after ~7 years. I have been looking at hybrid cars for a while now, and I had it narrowed down to the CT and the Honda CR-Z, but the MPG and low cost of the CT made me...
  19. Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    Although this movie came out in 2010, I had never heard of it until someone told me about it at work today. It is FREE if you have Netflix streaming or I will post the Hulu link here where you can watch it with some limited commercial interruption. For all the people who drive a CT or other gas...
1-19 of 51 Results