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  1. Greetings from Sydney

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    Hi, I am new in this forum, was hoping for some expertise from the community. I owed a CT200h F Sport 2011 model. Recently I had 2 incidents happened to my car; both times the Start button didn't work, and the alarm went on... After a while, I could start the car without any issues. Any idea...
  2. Sydney Aussie New Elysium Blue Sports Premium

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    Hi All, Just heard my new CT should be ready for collection on Tuesday. Traded a old Subaru 3.0R B Spec due to fuel usage for a Sport Premium with F Sport Wheels and Tinted Windows. Looking forward to not giving Caltex $20 a day and some softer suspension, but not looking forward to the...
  3. Hello from Sydney Australia

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    I'm so envious of you in the US. Lexus in Australia is very expensive. My fully loaded CT with sports body kit cost as much as the price for a LS!!! on the US Lexus web site. And no its not the exchange rate as our dollar is considerably stronger than the greenback for the last 18 months. Lexus...
  4. Picked up my CT in Sydney on weekend

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    Finally picked up my CT200H on Saturday. :) Got the Sports Luxury model which for non australian readers is the top spec here (LED headlamps, radar cruise control, leather interior, reverse camera, sat nav, key card, moonroof, 10 speaker stereo etc.) Half way through first tank of fuel and...
  5. new member from sydney, australia

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    Hi all, Looking forward to shortly joining the ct 200h owners but had some quick questions that I will post in another area of the forum :) Although, I will ask this one - when you guys test drove the ct 200h, how long did you get for the test drive? My local dealer only took me around the...