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  1. Air Suspension Started

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  2. Car started on its own

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    I came home from work today and my car was on. I don't drive it on a daily basis and the car has been sitting for three days off. The key fab was inside my house. Has anyone ever heard of this before? It kinda freaked me out. The service tech just said to bring it in tomorrow.
  3. CT200h RUMBLED AND SHOOK when started

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    Added comment to an existing post...apologies for the dual post!
  4. So I started looking into buying LED headlamps

    Lexus CT200h Appearance and Body
    Then I priced it out and the thought started passing..... :( 8110747240 COMPUTER SUB -ASSY, HEADLAMP LIGHT CONTROL, RH Manufacturer Note: HEADLAMP-LED $499.25 8110747240 COMPUTER SUB -ASSY, HEADLAMP LIGHT CONTROL, LH Manufacturer Note: HEADLAMP-LED $499.25 8111076070 HEADLAMP ASSY, RH...