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  1. Just bought a used CT, navigation is showing weirdly low MPG average

    Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    Hi All, New member here... I just bought a used 2016 CT this past weekend with 17K miles on it. It appears it was a leased vehicle from 1/16 - 11/18. The car is showing an average MPG of 29.1. And the Past Record seems to indicate no MPG data from 12/15 through my purchase date. And the 2015...
  2. EVAP Emission Control System problem showing on my OBDII

    Lexus CT200h Engine and Technical Discussion.
    Has anyone had problems with their EVAP Emission Control System? I'm getting a OBDII DTC definition "EVAP Emission Control System Leak Very Small" and I'd like to try and fix it myself before I pay a small ransom to the local dealer. Thanks! Rod
  3. Navigation not showing certain names of EXITS

    Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    My naviagation is only showing the the NUMBERS of the exits while I am driving on the freeway but it can't update to the exit NAMES, is anyone else having this problem?
  4. Great Article Put Out Today Showing How The Chevy Volt Stands Next To A Prius Plug-In

    Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    Prius Plug-in is a better car than the Chevy Volt - Jun. 27, 2011 I have always thought that the Volt is an overpriced type of car.....if you drive short distances, it makes more sense but still not as much as the Prius-Plug In...hoping one day there will be a way to convert out current CT's to...