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  1. The 10 Most Anticipated Cars of SEMA

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    See the complete Top 10 List and All of Our SEMA Show Coverage at
  2. The Official SEMA Show After Party, And Everyone's Invited.

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    Click here for more details on SEMA Ignited.
  3. Win a Trip to the SEMA Show. Just LIKE on Facebook

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    There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but there sure is a free trip to the SEMA Show in Las Vegas up for grabs! So what IS the catch? Like on Facebook it's that simple. Once you do you'll start seeing some of the wackiest, wildest and most fun car photos, videos and...
  4. Top 10 Cars of the 2013 SEMA Show

    Lexus CT200h News and Reviews
    Yet another SEMA Show gone by, yet another million plus square feet of sheer custom car insanity. In a town where weird is normal, the masses of modified cars seem at home. Turbochargers the size of volleyballs are often wedged into Honda Civic engine bays and nobody bats an eye at airbrushed...
  5. 2013 SEMA Show Coverage

    Lexus CT200h News and Reviews
    It's time to head back to Las Vegas for the biggest automotive aftermarket expo in the world. Featuring some of the most impressively modified cars imaginable, SEMA always gets the attention of those looking to add a little flair to their rides. The Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ will likely steal...
  6. SEMA - Lexus Models Previewing

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    SEMA - Lexus Models Previewing
  7. 2012 SEMA Show Coverage

    Lexus CT200h News and Reviews
    Each Fall the SEMA Show brings together tuners, car customizers and even folks from the realm of motorsports to showcase some of the most wildly modified vehicles in the world. Along with the usual elements, this year watch for the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ to steal the show like they have...
  8. Top 10 Best Cars of SEMA: 2011 SEMA Show

    Lexus CT200h News and Reviews
    Ever since Lexus first began participating at the SEMA Show the team from Five Axis has been around. Showing just what's possible when you're not constrained by styling that must appeal to all types or by volume manufacturing, creative boss Troy Sumitomo has been crafting wild one-offs for...
  9. Top 10 Worst Cars of SEMA: 2011 SEMA Show

    Lexus CT200h News and Reviews
    With the 2011 SEMA Show just about wrapped up we're sure you've already seen plenty of "best of" stories. But the world's largest aftermarket expo is known as much for its abominations as for its stunning creation and so we've assembled a list of the very worst. The selection of eye-searing...
  10. Meguiar's To Debut Custom Lexus CT 200h At SEMA 2011

    Lexus CT200h News and Reviews
    Meguiar's will be heading to SEMA this year with this custom two-tone Lexus CT 200h. While it's not exactly the crazy project one would expect from a SEMA display car, the 2012 CT 200h serves a purpose as a proper marketing tool for Meguiar's. The yellow and black two-tone scheme is inspired...
  11. 2011 SEMA Show Coverage

    Lexus CT200h News and Reviews
    The largest automotive aftermarket expo in the world, the SEMA Show is a bucket-list event for any auto enthusiast. There's just one problem, it's not open to the public. So unless you can scam or bribe your way through the doors to check out over a million square feet of insanely modified cars...
  12. Lexus Previews Extensive 2011 SEMA Show Lineup

    Lexus CT200h News and Reviews
    Lexus will be bringing a fine collection of vehicles to this year's SEMA Show, and AutoGuide has compiled a guide to all the ones we're expecting to see. In addition to the previously mentioned GS 350 F-Sport, Lexus will also be showing off a custom GS F Sport and CT 200h by Five Axis, a custom...
  13. Win Free Passes to SEMA: 800 Available

    Lexus CT200h News and Reviews
    The eagerly anticipated 2011 SEMA Show is being held from November 1-4, and the show is offering free passes to this year's show to the first 800 enthusiasts who fill in and submit an online after market survey. SEMA will host a limited number of automotive enthusiast VIPs on Thursday November...
  14. SEMA 2010: Lexus CT200h, HS250h Break Cover

    Lexus CT200h News and Reviews
    One wouldn't normally think of the Lexus hybrid compacts as "tuner cars", but if there's one thing that SEMA proves, it's that you can make anything a "modified vehicle" by throwing wheels and other bolt-on modifications onto a car. We highlighted the Lexus SEMA lineup earlier, but since we all...
  15. The Lexus CT 200h F Sport Concept for the 2010 SEMA Show

    Lexus CT200h News and Reviews
    In spite of Lexus' decision to feature only hybrid models in its official display at the 2010 SEMA Show, this author didn't harbor any illusions of seeing modded CT 200h vehicles there, given the paucity of pre-production prototypes and the many markets clamoring to use them for press previews...
  16. 2010 SEMA Show Coverage

    Lexus CT200h News and Reviews
    Held each year in Las Vegas, Nevada, the SEMA Show 2010 is an industry event for the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association. Far more than just a trade show, SEMA brings together tuners and parts suppliers from across the auto industry to display their latest products using some of the...