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  1. Sales Lexus Lx570 2013

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    2013 Lexus LX 570 Just Iike new and well maintain low KM and No accident or Engine Problem great condition. Full Options and never faulty before. Tires are 100% great and the car is a clean ride. I am willing to sell it out for the sum of $20,000Usd because it is still in excellent shape and has...
  2. CT 2014 sales numbers looking good

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    This months, July, sales figures hitting the years high appears to be on track to beat last years sales number: GOOD CAR BAD CAR: Entry Luxury Car Sales Good numbers in the middle of the pack in small/medium luxury category.
  3. The CT sales numbers

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    Below is a link of the sales number every month since they've sold the CT up to last month, big drop off from beginning of this year. My guess is that the big 10% bump in price for a base is a big factor, what is Lexus thinking? There are a lot more hybrids coming to market as well as small...
  4. CT sales to date

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    The March sales are in, and so are the YTD sale volume in the USA Lexus March 2013 Sales Report | Lexus Enthusiast Needless to say, the CT sales in 2013 is disappointing. With the CLA and new A3 coming up, it would seem that the CT will struggle pretty bad. Hope the sale volume picks up. I...
  5. June Hybrid sales

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    The CT continues to sell well, very amazing how the Toyota brands dominate the market by many folds: June 2012 Dashboard | Hybrid Cars
  6. February '12 sales of top 30 luxury vehicles in America

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    The CT moving up: GOOD CAR BAD CAR: Best Selling Luxury
  7. January 2012 Hybrid Sales Figures

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    I found this info for January 2012 which covers by model hybrid, diesel and plug in electric vehicles the number sold in the US Just over 1000 Ct's sold but a over 50% drop in sales compared with December 2011
  8. Anyone think the Prius C will hurt Prius and Ct200h sales?

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    I dont know too much about the car yet but I was hoping some car experts may know some info. The Prius C is the smaller version of the regular Prius and gets 53 mpg highway. Based on some of the pictures I've seen it looks like a mixture of the Yaris, Matrix, with a hint of ct200h (because of...
  9. December to Remember Sales Event

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    Does anyone have any specifics as to what is being offered. I called the local dealer, but the guy on the phone didn't want to give details until I came in face to face. I am at work so that's not going to be possible haha. I was just curious as to what Lexus is offering. Thanks and happy...
  10. Lexus Looking To Increase North American Sales In 2012

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    There was a time when Lexus was the top-selling luxury car brand in North America. In fact, it held onto that crown for nearly a decade. However, after the unfavorable publicity relating to allegations of unintended acceleration and then a production shortage due to the tsunami in Japan, Lexus...
  11. Just got a call from my Lexus sales guy...

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    I made an order from them back at the end of Sept. for the starfire pearl with watergrey interior premium with only LED headlamp & and remote start as the extra options. We agreed on the pricing and all the paperwork was signed and with money deposited. And just now, I got a phone call from him...
  12. Sales stats for Lexus CT200H in US

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    Sales stats for US Lexus CT200H Fyi... According to GOOD CAR BAD CAR, YTD sales for US Lexus CT200H is 7,408 units. It ranked Lexus CT200H #21 in the category for Top 30 Best-Selling Luxury Vehicles In America - August 2011. Top 30 Best-Selling Luxury Vehicles In America - August 2011 - GOOD...
  13. Attention Lexus Sales People

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    Wow, I'm confused. Please answer this simple question. YES or NO Is Lexus (manufacturing) accepting orders from it's dealers? I've been told NO repeatedly. I've been told the only chance at this point to get a CT is to take a best match off the truck. Get on the wait list and you are waiting...
  14. April Sales 2011: CT200h 60% down

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    no doubt this was probably due to the Japan earthquake but still going from 2000+ units down to 875 hurts the momentum they were going for: April 2011 Dashboard: Hybrid Sales Drop, As Earthquake Cuts Off Supply | Hybrid Cars
  15. The all-new CT 200h hybrid posted 2199 units in its first month of sales

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    that's it...that's my post...saw this and thought I'd post it for those who may wonder...not bad for first month and considering the situation over in Japan, I'd say it's pretty good....if my dealer had the car optioned the way I want it, they would have one more number to add to the mix...still...
  16. Lexus CT200h Sales Specialist - Serving NJ, NY, PA

    New Member Introductions
    Greetings everyone! My name is Lee Dell'Olio. I have joined this forum to assist interested buyers find their new CT200h in the color and equipment they are looking for. I am also more than happy to answer any questions that anyone may have regarding the vehicle itself, lease & finance...
  17. Lexus HS250h Not Meeting Sales Targets

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    Lexus' HS250h hybrid sedan is having trouble meeting sales targets, due to the strength of the Prius as well as demand for the HS250h in Japan. Lexus is on track to sell about 14,000 HS250h hybrids this year, well below the projections of 20-22,000. So far just 4529 HS250h's have been sold. In...