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    Hi everyone, Bought my wife a 2013 white CT with navigation. This is our 4th Lexus. Bought my Dad's GS300 in 2001, had it for a few months and traded it in on a new IS300. Also had a RX330 for about 8 years and just sold her. Bought the CT200h through a broker with just a small photo to go on...
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    Just purchased 2017 ct200h 2 days ago, base car and I'm enjoying after trading in 2016 a4. Just wanted to know others experience with their ct.
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    Just leased a 2017 in February. I must say it's the best car I have driven to date!
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    Hello CT slickers! Newbie here, and just bought a used 2013. I know it's been discussed here before, but I would like to know if I could use a 2014 to 2017 wheels on my 2013. I really like the 5 twin spoke design on the newer version wether the standard or the fsport. The trident is a...
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    Hi everyone, I'm from Spain and i've got a Lexus CT200h (white color) since June 2016. It's not a F-Sport grade factory, but I modified all body parts to converted it in a F-Sport grade. I added black mirror covers and side doors decorations as well. But wheels still are factory grade. That's...
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    New owner - and new to the forum. Hello to all. I live in Winston-Salem NC. Would like to cross paths with other CT200h owners. Love my little Lexus. Want to learn about it. Especially any clever mods which are available. Thanks Darryl Hammill
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    Hi everyone, My name is Jorge and happy to be owning a ct200 and this is my first Lexus car I have a 2014 Redline Fsport that I picked up mid February and cant wait to start modding my car. I've only done the LED conversion so far but more is to come.
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    Hello all, I currently drive a Toyota solara that has seen me through a great deal, and as sad as I am to let it go, I am looking forward to potentially upgrading to the CT. Ideally, I would like to learn as much about the CT as I can before I pull the trigger on the purchase. I hope all the...
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    Hi everyone. New owner here from the UK :) I have bought a 2012 CT200h and picking it up on Monday. I traded in my much loved diesel Acura TSX (Honda Accord here in the UK) as the government are really sinking their teeth into trying to ban diesels. Plus, I now only work 9 minutes from my house...
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    I nicknamed my 2012 CT200h the "Cat" car. It's kind of low-slung and slinks along a bit like a cat. I like the way it sips gas, and it handles quite well on suburban back roads around Fairfield County, CT. Already got confirmation there is no temperature gauge on the CT200h. The main reason...
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    Hey there, I am based in south london. Feel free to get in touch to discuss the car, servicing, maintenance etc. regards shiv
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    Hi all, Had my CT for 2 weeks now and love it :-) gave up a very sporty Merc to save on cost. Thought I would miss the Merc - not one bit! Just had it washed today and it is gleaming.
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    Shopped all over the country for the absolute best deal I could find and am flying out to New Jersey in a few days to drive it back to Arizona. New car = new cross country road trip! Thanks to so many in this forum that helped guide me to this great car. so excited!
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    Just purchased a 15 Black F Sport mainly for fuel economy and comfort since I will be driving 120 miles a day for work. The Prius was out of the question since it is the ugliest car on the road and not to mention everyone that drives one in the northwest drives like nobody else is around them...
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    Hello, I just picked up a 2015 Ultra White CT200h F Sport a week ago, and love it so far. I will post photos of my new girl soon. I found ct200hforum because I was searching google regarding brake actuator clicking noise when braking. Thanks for having me, Evanino
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    Hi, Just taken delivery of a great condition 2001 CT Luxury. Really love the car and the drive. Looking forward to learning what this little car can do :) An also looking forward to making new friends on this site. If anyone can help me before the dealership can, I would very much appreciate...
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    Hi everyone: Bought my CT last year in June, about to hit 15,000 miles. I live in Los Angeles and as you can tell, do alot of driving. Hope to get some helpful information on the car when needed. And if anyone has any tips/tricks on getting the most out of her, please let me know. Thanks!!
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    Hi all, Just bought a used '14 CT200h in silver - about 25K miles on it. Definitely excited, and looking forward to meeting some of the other CT owners on here as well. A few pics below... Dan
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    Hello all, Just wanted to introduce myself. I just picked up a 2015 CT200h F-Sport. I have been looking for one for a while and finally found one I liked. I look forward to meeting and reading everyone's posts. Scott in San Diego
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    Hey guys My name is Jon and i have finally decided to join the Lexus fam and purchased my 2012 CT200h premium about a month ago. I am a car nut and former owner of a 2002 subaru impreza WRX and i must say this little hybrid came as a shock to me. Never expected to own a hybrid but i am very...
21-40 of 200 Results