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  1. FS: 2011 Lexus CT200h Premium, 41,XXX miles, Black - $22,499 NYC

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    Click here to view the full gallery of images - 2011 Lexus CT200h Luxury Hybrid Sedan - brooklyn new & used cars for sale - Price: $22,499 Mileage: 41,XXX Condition: Excellent Color: Black Interior: Ecru (Light beige / off white color), Location: Brooklyn, New York Wheels: 17...
  2. F-Sport Trident wheels / OEM green-x tires, tpms, gorilla lugs! $1100 NYC

    Lexus CT200h Classified forum
    Just like the title says. I'm selling my 2012 F sport trident wheels. They are NOT off an F-sport SE. They were purchased from sewell! They come complete ready to bolt up to your car. Tires are OEM Michelin green x, they have 12k miles on them, but tonsss of meat left on them. Wheels...
  3. New CT owner from NYC!

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    Hi Everybody! I just recently got my 2013 Obsidian Black CT200H F-sport!! Of course the first mod I did to it was tint the windows 5%. Loving the car so far... Hmmm I have no idea why some of the photos come uploaded sideways.
  4. OEM silver 10 spoke 17x7 ct200h wheels. NYC area

    Lexus CT200h Classified forum
    I have new wheels coming for my 2012 CT200h, and would like to get rid of these. There is not a single curb mark on these wheels they are in great condition! Just the wheels, no tires or tpms. From Lexus these are $540 EACH. I am selling them for $550 picked up or $550 plus full...
  5. New Member from NYC (Brooklyn)

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    Hello Folks! I just signed up to this awesome forum and I'm loving everyone's attitude and happy vibes. I live in Brooklyn NY and just got my F-Sport/ White CT200h a month ago from Prestigue Lexus in New Jersey. I am absolutely in love with the car and couldn't be happier. I was pretty set on...
  6. Hi from NYC

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    Just picked up a 2011 premium (upgraded audio, nav, glass break, remote starter, etc). Looking to finish off the build with the trimmings that came with the leather package. I had leather before and while nice, it was just too hot and too cold in the winter. Figured I can add in the few items...
  7. New CT200H owner from NYC

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    Hi Everyone! I'm excited to join this community as I am a new owner of a white CT200H premium. I will be picking up my new car this coming week on Wednesday 3/16/11.