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  1. Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    Hi. I'm new here, so be gentle with me.:) Anyway, I just bought a CT200h, and it has the standard rear view mirror - and I miss the garage door opener buttons that I had on my last car. I can buy an upgraded mirror on eBay, but I was wondering if anyone knows how difficult it might be to...
  2. Lexus CT200h "How-To"/Do-It-Yourself
    I wish the Ct came with auto folding side mirrors. Does anyone have any idea if the GS or IS models that have that option would fit in the CT?
  3. Lexus CT200h Appearance and Body
    Hello! Has anyone replaced the side view mirrors? I am looking to get smaller, carbon fiber racing mirrors but have not found any that fit directly. Wondering if anyone has seen any or if universal ones would fit. Has anyone removed the entire assembly from the door? How many screws hold it...
  4. Lexus CT200h "How-To"/Do-It-Yourself
    Last weekend I hit a pylon that was surprisingly strong, and my side mirror was destroyed, glass and encasement. I researched online and called up the closest dealership and saw outrageous rates for repair. The cost of the mirror and labor was going towards $1k. I decided to do it myself. Just...
  5. Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    Hey all, Have another question. The CT we bought has both auto-dimming side mirrors and an auto-dimming rearview mirror. Are these systems connected to each other or do the work separately? I have an existing Gentex Autodim Rearview Mirror with compass & temperature and homelink that I'd...
  6. Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    So after taking apart my mirror to change out the courtesy light bulb to LED, I cracked one mirror which is already a headache. I've gone ahead and ordered a replacement but now both sides are having troubles going up and down using the power mirror. I'm not sure what I did wrong as I followed...
  7. Lexus CT200h "How-To"/Do-It-Yourself
    Hi everyone. I find it odd that the US/Canadian CT do not have an auto-folding mirror option. I think this would be a great feature to have and would save me time having to do it manually every time I park in tight areas. Has anyone come across a way to add this feature as a DIY? Thanks Michael
  8. Lexus CT200h Appearance and Body
    Has anyone noticed a glare on the side mirrors? It is more pronounced on the driver's side than passenger side. The culprit is the silvery trim dash board and the shiny chrome center vent knobs. If I cover those areas with cloth the reflections are gone. I tried different seating positions...
  9. Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    Have seen or even installed these mirrors? I found it on ebay and I like it but they are asking for $200+ for these and I dont like it that much.
  10. Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    My CT doesn't come with "Electrochromic (auto-dimming) outside mirrors with auto-tiltdown in reverse" feature, it only has center rear view auto dim. This is so annoying in a night driving and my wife keeps complaining the lack of this feature. (all our other Lexus car/suv have this feature)...
  11. Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    This feature has seemed to have stopped working. Is there a setting I might have screwed up ?
  12. Lexus CT200h Engine and Technical Discussion.
    ladies and gents! All the marketing material here in Canada (brochures, websites, etc..) points to a standard feature on all trims of the CT: Auto Tilting Side Mirrors!! But I'm pretty sure my car does NOT have this, no matter what I do with the Left/Right power mirror switch. I have a...
1-12 of 13 Results