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  1. Finally Got Mine Today

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    Woo Hoo, at Westminster Lexus, picking up new F-Sport
  2. Just got mine a week ago and loving it!

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    Hi everyone, was looking to replace my commuter car and found this forum. So, your posts helped me a lot during the decision making process. There are lots of great informative posts and pictures, which are great. I look forward to exchanging information and stories about our cars with each...
  3. Just ordered mine

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    After 7 years of Prius ownership I have decided toi sacrifice interior cabin and boot space for better quality interior and more appealing looks. I have gone for the Sport model with sat nav, parking sensors and sun-roof in the yellow/gold colour. Can`t wait!
  4. Getting mine on 8/22

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    Getting a 2012 ct200h premium in Matador red with black Nuluxe interior, no nav. I am replacing a 2009 VW Jetta TDI (diesel) which I love. It is a great driving car but there are too many reliability issues with VW s in general & TDIs in particular. I test drove the ct200 last week & liked it...
  5. finally got mine ...

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    finally .... FINALLY got mine. A gorgeous Matador Red Premium w/Nav & Ecru NuLuxe interior. I love it. Don't understand why so many complained about its rough ride and lack of whoomph .... This little ct200H ride is a lot softer than my bmw e93 with its ultra harsh rft's. What is really nice...
  6. Got mine last Tursday!

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    I posted last week as an "almost new ct owner." Now, I'm proud to say I'm the proud owner of a nebula gray pearl premium F Sport! I picked it up last Thursday and couldn't be happier. Once I decided what I wanted, I worked with a couple people to try to get it for me. The dealers around San...
  7. Got mine on Feb 19th and already up to 48.2 MPG!

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    It's all about hyper-miling but not getting to crazy with it. The great feedback is what I love. Being able to see realtime how my driving is affecting my efficiency. I rarely speed through the fast lane, speed to fight to merge on the freeway or even drive outside the truck lane...slow and...
  8. Just got mine Wednesday night

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    I'm very pleased with my CT. Averaging 40 around town! To anyone considering this car, I highly recommend it. This car in a lot of fun, rides like a bigger smoother car, handles like a small sports car, and a smart financial move. Case in point. I was driving a 2006 Charger RT (traded on...
  9. Picking up mine today.

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    I'm driving about 90 miles today to go pick mine up from a dealership because they were offering me a much much better deal than my local dealership would. $2500 off MSRP. I'm also only being charged 3.5% sales tax due to nice and low taxes where I live (Madison County Alabama), so all said...
  10. Should I get my teen their own policy or add them to mine?

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    Getting their driver's license is an exciting time for any teenager, though they may not initially understand the large burden of responsibility placed upon their shoulders when they get that little piece of plastic for the first time. Most probably aren't all that concerned with their auto...
  11. Just got mine last wednesday..

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    Anyone know how to display full title of song with the regular radio on ct?
  12. just picked mine up on Sat.

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    so far so good, really nice car, especially for the money. really have to drive pretty diligently to achieve the max. mpg, but its worth it. quick question for anyone out there. when we 1st went to look at it last week, dealer told me we just missed the $1k loyalty rebate by weeks (we own an...
  13. Got mine in Southcentral PA

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    After being a daily reader of these forums for the past couple months, I just picked up my CT200h three days ago. It’s a Starfire Pearl, caramel nuluxe, premium sound, with navigation. Put down a deposit in late May to be listed for closest match and got first choice on everything except the...