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  1. Car Maintenance: 10 Things Every Car Owner Should Know – The Short List

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    It’s OK if you’re not an automotive engineer. Of course, if you are, this probably isn’t for you because here are 10 basic things every motorist should be able to do. How many of them are you capable of? Read more >>
  2. 2014 ct200h! Finally got my car!

    New Member Introductions
    :):rolleyes: Hello! My name is Stephanie & I'm from Los Angeles,CA. I was fortunate enough to find my dream car on Dec 2017. I was finding a car and always thought of the ct200h when I first saw it back in 2012. I knew I HAD to have it! I searched for about one year until I found the one I...
  3. Maintenance required, coming up on 40,000. Couple of questions.

    Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    Hi. Thanks for clicking. I bought a 2013 ct2005h in late May. It was something like 37500 and is coming up on 40,000. I bought from a sort of generic car dealer. Not a Lexus dealership. The fluid were new and the oil was clean. I do not have a manual. I recently started getting a "maintenance...
  4. "Real" Maintenance Schedule

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    Hi all, First time posting. Thanks for reading and helping. I have a 2014 CT200h in Canada. I am growing increasingly frustrated by my dealer's over-reaching maintenance schedule. Telling me I need to spend hundreds of dollars on a fixed maintenance schedule that my car likely doesn't...
  5. 13 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Car Running Smoothly

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    Read more about the 13 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Car Running Smoothly at
  6. any toyota dealerships in toronto canada who does regular maintenance service for CT?

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    hi, just had my second and last complimentary service for my CT, at 6 months/8000km for a oil & filter service so in 6 months from now and after i will have to pay for the lexus luxury maintenance service. next one is a maintenance service package + replace air filter many people mentioned...
  7. 30k Miles Maintenance

    Lexus CT200h Engine and Technical Discussion.
    I purchased a used 2012 ct200h last month from the dealership with just shy of 29,000 miles on it. I’ve since passed 31,000 miles and the “Oil Maintenance Required” display pops up on the dash when I start my car, along with the warning of Air Filter Check and Rotate Tires on the navigation...
  8. Dealer Maintenance Costs

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    So, after 30,000 miles, I thought I would take my 2012 CT in for the factory maintenance cycle. (They haven't seen the car since about 15,000 miles) First, I change my own oil. It's really simple, and if you're not doing it, you should. It takes an absolute minimum of tools, and saves...
  9. What kind of agreement is a Maintenance Agreement?

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    I leased a new CT and plan on purchasing it before the lease is over. When looking over the contract, apparently I agreed to pay x dollars for a maintenance agreement. Does anyone know what a maintenance agreement entails? Did I just pre-pay for oil changes? Thanks!
  10. iPhone app for tracking actual fuel economy and maintenance

    Lexus CT200h "How-To"/Do-It-Yourself
    Hi, I'm the owner of the 2012 CT200h and an iPhone app developer. Just released a free app to the iTunes store for tracking your mpg and managing maintenance. Please check it out and reply directly with any feedback you've got. Here's the iTunes App Store link...
  11. 15,000 Mileage Service / Scheduled Maintenance Alternative????

    Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    My car is due for the 15k mileage service and my dealer wants to charge over $300 for the service which is basically a tire rotation and a bunch of inspections. I found another dealer that has a $130 special for a tire rotation and oil change. I was just going to get that service and do the...
  12. CT Maintenance

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    Hi everyone, Just wondering. I recently bought a CT in Nova Scotia, Canada and was wondering about the scheduled maintenance. I understand that oil of course needs to be changed, but do I have to do the other maintenance service, at 32,000km to be specific (i.e. change cabin and air filters...
  13. Maintenance after 10,000 (Free). Go to Toyota.. or?

    Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    I recently just finished my 10,000 mile service, which is the last free maintenance included by Lexus. I am not really impressed enough with Lexus service to want to pay more than I have to for future mainenances so do you guys think I should just take it to Toyota? (Toyota is also way closer...
  14. does anyone know how to reset maintenance indicator on display?

    Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    i recently did the 15k mile service at an outside place other than the dealer but they did not reset the maintenance indicator for "oil change needed" on the display. does anyone know how to reset this? i can't find it in the owner's manual.
  15. Lexus Luxury Care for CT200h - info? Is it worth the price?

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    I drive my new 2012 CT200h 400 miles a week commuting to work. I have not yet bought the maintenance package "Lexus Luxury Care", but I'm considering it. According to Google, you can still buy this package until your car has 6000 miles on it. Does anyone have information about this service...
  16. Oil Maintenance Required Soon

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    I just hit 4500 miles on my odometer and a 'Oil Maintenance Required Soon' message popped up on my MID. I thought oil changes were every 10k miles and that the 5k service was basically just a general check up?
  17. Maintenance Cost

    Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    Has anyone had maintenance done for this vehicle ? If so and how much ?
  18. Maintenance cost for Lexus Hybrid

    Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    Hi all, I'll be picking up my CT in few weeks (finally after 4 months of wait). I have some questions regarding the maintenance cost of a Hybrid. I assume we have to take the car to the dealership for any service right? There is no mechanics out there that can service this car without voiding...