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  1. CT mentioned in Acura ILX review...

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    From the NY Times: "Add on the Hybrid’s $5,500 Technology Package (which includes every available feature save 17-inch wheels), and buyers are looking at $35,295 for a small hybrid that can’t break 40 miles per gallon. (The government rating is 39 m.p.g. in the city and 38 on the highway. For...
  2. New Acura ILX Hybrid

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    So.... did anyone see the new Acura ILX coming out? They have it in Hybrid with a 1.5 liter motor and two seperate 2.0 non hybrids. Looks nice, it'll be a great competitor for the CT200h i think. It's one of the better looking hybrids out there, the CT being number 1 of course :)
  3. New '13 Acura ILX hybrid slower than the CT

    Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    Been reading about the new '13 Acura ILX in their 3 forms. The hybrid version, with less HP and lower mpg is clocked at 11.2 s from 0-60. Would still have loved to compared it with the CT before my purchase. The ICE 6 sp manual has gotten good reviews for it's handling and fun to drive, I do...