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  1. Compare CT200h to Honda CR-Z and the Ford C-MAX Hybrid

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    I'm a bit bored with all the reviews on the CT200h that compare the car to the BMW 1 Series and the Audi A3 or even the Volvo C30. Granted these are all "Premium Hatch Backs" but the Lexus is more than just a Premium Hatch Back. The main reason I chose the CT200h was because I wanted a greener...
  2. 2014 Honda Accord hybrid, more compelling then the CT?

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    In the January issue of Car & Driver, they had an article on why the Accord (ICE engine) and BMW 3's has had a dynasty year over year for making the Ten Best Cars. In the final paragraph of the article they go on to say "In some ways, the 3-series feels like an expensive Accord, which feels like...
  3. Honda Fit EV First Drive - Video

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    Read the complete Honda Fit EV Review and watch the video review at
  4. 2013 Honda Accord Hybrid news leaked

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    Rumors has it it can go about 10 miles on the battery alone at 62 mph and it's not a plug-in, a little less then the Prius plug-in. Can't wait to see if that is true. Details Leak on New 2013 Honda Accord | 2013 Honda Accord: Greatest hybrid game changer ever | Hybridcarblog
  5. Anyone hear about the Honda Civic Hybrid Lawsuit in California LMAO!

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    Besides the fact that the lady won almost $10,000 I think the funniest part about the lawsuit is that the Honda Civic Hybrid only gets around 30 mpg but claims to get 50 mpg? How does a freakin Honda Civic Hybrid only get 30 mpg. That is what I want to know. Anyways, Honda is going to lose a...
  6. Consumer Reports slams new Honda Civic

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    Consumer Reports slams new Honda Civic Consumer Reports slams new Honda Civic - AutoWeek