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  1. College Grad, Career World - First Lexus & First Hybrid

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    Hello from North Carolina, I recently graduated from a small school and began my career in health care a little over a year ago. I am commuting 50 miles round trip daily along i95 and needed to trade in my 05 Honda CR-V for something with better gas mileage. I found a used 2012 CT200h, fully...
  2. A fresh college grad Lexus store employee taking delivery of his CT this week!

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    Hi all, I've been working for a Lexus dealer for about 3 months and finally acted on my desire to purchase a CT! I dealer-located exactly the car I want and it shows up tomorrow! I'm having the windows tinted first thing, and I'll post pictures as soon as the car is in my hands! I'm a...
  3. college grad rebate

    Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    Just got my CT today, have been playing with the thing all freakin day. However, I was glad I checked thursday evening prior to picking up the car this morning. As a recently graduated grad student, I was pleased as heck to find out that Lexus has for the CT only a $1000 rebate...