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  1. Gasoline Brand

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    Has anyone noticed an mpg drop with any particular brands of gas? I filled up at a Giant station (same octane) and have noticed a significant increase in gas consumption.
  2. What Octane gasoline are you using on your CT200h?

    Lexus CT200h Engine and Technical Discussion.
    Let's vote!!! just simply say what grade of gasoline you are using on your CT200h! 91 here!!
  3. U.S. Automakers put fuel efficient automobiles up against rising gasoline prices

    Off Topic Discussion
    Rising gasoline costs are seen by some as an ill-timed threat to U.S. automakers just as the industry appears to have recovered from the recession. Shortly after United States car manufacturers reported double-digit sales gains for Feb., gas prices rose 22 percent higher than the very same time...