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  1. Lexus CT200h "How-To"/Do-It-Yourself
    Has anyone replaced the base gas pedal on a base 2016 with an F Sport aluminum pedal? Looks like a simple swap. You tube has it for other models. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    Hi guys. First post. Couldn't find anything about this issue, but I'm still looking. I have a 2012 CT with ~60k on the odometer. Ive always gotten ~40mpg on average, with anywhere from 320-370+ miles per tank. The last few tanks' gas mileage have been abysmal, with about 230-250 miles before...
  3. New Member Introductions
    I'm a new CT owner and was wondering what the average gas mileage is? The indicator (Disp) on the car is reading 23 MPG or so. :( Is this normal? I was attracted to the hybrid vehicle because of the 40 MPG as it was advertised. Would really be interested to learn more about this. Thank you!
  4. Lexus CT200h Engine and Technical Discussion.
    I just got a 2012 ct200h with 42,xxx miles on it 5 days ago. Ever since then I've been suspicious of how fast my cruising range and fuel gauge needle have been going down. I would go a few miles and the cruising range would go down way farther then I thought it should. I just filled up last...
  5. Lexus CT200h Engine and Technical Discussion.
    Hi everyone, So I've been driving my ct 200h for almost 3 years. Every time i press Start to turn the car on first the hybrid starts and then engine. Then engine usually quiets down until i start driving. The past couple of days I've noticed that the engine takes longer to turn on once i...
  6. Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    Hello folks, While I've tested running out of gas once in my 2012 Prius C that I had before, I never really planned to do the same with my 2014 CT. But it happened anyway. After miscalculating my true range, I ran out of gas on the highway one night, driving 60 MPH. Here's what happened...
  7. Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    Here's my dumb question for today. My 2015 gauge, besides Full, Half and Empty, has 2 prominent hash marks (with unequal spacing). Is the mark between Empty and Half 1/8 or 1/4? Thanks!
  8. Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    Hello, we just purchased a new CT200 (July) at the Tempe Autoplex Lexus dealer. We love the car and one of the top reasons we purchased it was of course the fuel ecconomy. It's been hot and you need to run the air all the time. We are getting about 38/39 MPG on average. Just curious: are other...
  9. Lexus CT200h Classified forum
    Selling my full set of OEM carpet Floormats that came with the car. The only mat that has any visible wear is the driver's mat. The wear is minimal for mats that came from a car with 48k miles. Asking price: $50 + shipping to the lower 48. Pictures coming soon.
  10. Lexus CT200h Engine and Technical Discussion.
    I notice after visiting dealer I am getting worse and worse mileage as time goes on. Once car goes to dealer my mileage increases and easily achieve 40 mpg. Is dealer clearing or doing something that would cause this increase? 4 weeks ago I went to the dealer and I was complaining about 34-36...
  11. Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    Hello everyone. I started by replacing my floor mats. After which, I noticed my car was accelerating really slowly. Immediately, I realized I was hitting the floor mat. So now I have a few questions I hope you guys can help answer. 1. Can the gas pedal height be adjusted? 2. It appears when I...
  12. Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    Prior to the ct200h I was using premium gas from shell but the dealership said 87 is fine. Has anyone notice any difference between gas from say shell compared to arco or Costco? Sent from Free App
  13. Lexus CT200h Engine and Technical Discussion.
    Good morning everyone. This is my first post, I apologize if this has already been addressed elsewhere on the forum.. In June I leased a 2013 CT in order to use the HOV lane on my commute. For the summer I was at my home in South Florida where I had a 45 mile commute and was getting in the low...
  14. Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    For the past several months, I've been averaging a miserable 36-37 mpg. This tank, driving the same routes with no real change in my driving style, so far I'm averaging close to 40 mpg. Anyone else notice a sudden increase in mpg?
  15. Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    Hello folks -- Just wondering how many miles CT can go after the Gas light is on? Looks like 1 or 2 gallon remaining.. Thanks!
  16. Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    Anyone else notice this? I fill up, and at most it takes 8.5 gallons. So I have around another 90 miles on the tank. Really annoys me having the light it when it's not close to empty. Anyway to change the setting of when the light comes on, float height computer reading adjustable?
  17. Lexus CT200h News and Reviews
    Vote for's Reader's Choice Car of the Year for a Chance to WIN $1,000 in Gas. We need your votes! Have your say and take part in's Reader's Choice Car of the Year and choose your favorites in six different categories: Luxury Car, Crossover, Green Car, Sports Car...
  18. Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    When I first purchased my car, the sales person told me that this car is made to run on the cheapest gas! Is this true? Anyone still use quality gas such as chevron/shell or cheap it out?
  19. Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    San Diego North County Mobil $4.65 and rising. Thank You CT.
  20. Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    Traded in my 11mpg F150 for this little gem to avoid gas pump anxiety... Thus far Ive been able to peak out the CT mileage at 38 mpg. Any suggestions to get the stickered 40+ mpg?
1-20 of 48 Results