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gas milage

  1. Poor poor gas mileage!

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    Hello! I am a new 2012 CT200h owner, I bought it used - with 138k kms on it (I am from Ontario Canada). In 3 weeks of ownership, the car has chugged gas like its no one's business! I dont get more than 400 kms (248 miles) on a full tank. I drive in "eco range" and avoid going into the "power"...
  2. Gas milage...what are you getting?

    New Member Introductions
    Hello, I' ve had my CT since November. I'm wonder what folks are getting for milage. I find that I can't rely on the cruising range at all. Currently...with a lot of city driving I am averaging 6.8l per 100km....good? bad? I was hoping for closer to 5.8 or 6....