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    For anyone who follows my car and its exploits, I'll be over at in the CT 200h section. That forum is easier to work with and has more Lexus owners since it covers all Lexus models. Also, it's much simpler than copying every post on this forum too.
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    Hi, I bought my 2011 CT200H in 2011 and just joined the forum. My son tells me that I am the only person he knows who has midlife crisis and buys a hybrid... Thanks from Rochester NY, Larry
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    Hi CT forum been reading from you guys for months and learning a lot. I recently purchased a used Alpine ILX-007 off eBay honestly was just bidding didn't think I would win lol. I work two jobs so been tinkering with double din for days at night bitten by mosquitoes every single night too...
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    I nicknamed my 2012 CT200h the "Cat" car. It's kind of low-slung and slinks along a bit like a cat. I like the way it sips gas, and it handles quite well on suburban back roads around Fairfield County, CT. Already got confirmation there is no temperature gauge on the CT200h. The main reason...
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    Finally decided to become a member. Any socal members here?
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    Hello - New to the forum and new to the car. Here is my first question. rear Passenger turn signal light isn't working. I check the bulb and it is fine. Any help?
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    Hi All, i have a 2012 F Sport CT200h. Recently someone hit my mirror and cracked the back housing of the mirror (painted part). Lexus can sell me just the painted housing for 130.00 and wants 150 to put it on... id like to try to put it on myself but cannot find anything online as to how you...
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    Just popping in to say hello!! and that it is great to be on here!!!! Speak to everyone soon
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    Hi guys, I've been a CT fan since 2012, when I bought my silver 2012 CT200H touring. I currently own a 2016 CT200H F sport Special Edition(atomic silver), and I'm loving it so far! I just discovered this forum now, and hope to be part of the CT community! Cheers, Maple
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    Hi all, I'm from the UK and have noticed a lot more practical advice on here than your UK equivalent. Looking forward to interacting with your comments and advice.
  11. Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    Sup guys, new to the forum! Just gonna introduce myself cause I'll be more active around here and am planning on getting to know all the CT owners! Here was my STi and my CT that I just bought last night! Proud owner Already bought some parts for it.....
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    What's up everyone? I'm from Houston, Tx and of course new to da site and I have a 2014 silver CT 200h. I've had it for going on a year. It's bone stock, but I do wanna lower it. Just don't really know what are my options. I have legal tint on da front windows and limo on all of da back windows.
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    Hi...nice to meet you all here and share our experience :)
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    Everyday there is some sort of new spam post about watching videos online. Can the moderators do their job?
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    Hello, purchased my CT200h in May 2011, but just joined this forum while searching for replacement tires. I'm at 52,000 miles thanks to two kids in travel ball and my daily commute. Wish I had the time and money for some of the great mods I've seen on the site. For now, I'm just looking for...
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    2012 CT200h Megan Coilovers DY Rims 18x8 +40 18x9+35
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    Im very excited to purchase a ct200h pretty soon, so I hope in turn to join the forums to learn more about the car before i purhase it!
  18. Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    Just to let everyone know we now have an active DIY section of the forum. Please post all your DIY's in this section. Thanks to our sites administrator for speedy action. This feature will be a great resource!
  19. Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    Great forum guys - I've lurked here for a few weeks and joined because the ct200h is definitely a contender for me and my family. We have an SUV that my wife takes with baby, so this is to counter the fuel. I am surprised at people's reaction about this car. "A $30k hybrid? Insane!" - I...
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    Hey Everyone I just test drove my future ct200 last night I can't wait to take ownership of it in a month or two. Im planning on getting the Ct200H premium in star fire pearl and have some major plans for it :). This has been the first car to strike my eye since my Scion xB got totaled a few...