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  1. Lexus CT200h Suspension/Wheels/Tires
    Wanted to let you guys know we just released our MotoGFX CT200H caliper decals...would love to see some pics of these installed! Brought to you by the most trusted source of lexus caliper decals and official supplier of forum decals. Custom Stickers, Decals, Banners, Custom Signs &...
  2. Lexus CT200h Suspension/Wheels/Tires
    Hey dudes, I jumped over here from the forums cuz I'm looking at a 2014 CT200H after I sell my IS350 (hopefully before month's end). Is anyone actually painting their calipers on the CT? I can't find any threads on here about it. I want to start making caliper decals for the CT200H, but...
  3. Lexus CT200h Pictures
    Here is mine.
1-3 of 3 Results