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  1. Prius to CT 200h comparisons

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    Hi. 2011 CT 200h in Obsidian -- I'm on the 3rd week and loving this vehicle. Coming from a Prius technology package 5, here are a few of the things I miss, and why they aren't a big deal, and a few of the things that I love that the CT has that the prius didn't have. space in cabin and rear...
  2. Any real world comparisons of going from the stock 24 lb. rims to lightweight rims?

    Lexus CT200h Suspension/Wheels/Tires
    Saw a post in which the stock 17" rims were on a scale and weighed over 24 lbs.! Was shocked considering all the steps Toyota/Lexus have taken with the Prius and other hybrid cars in maxing out the MPGs (but have since found out that the Prius 17s are just as heavy). So, I was wondering...