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  1. Traded up from an '07 Civic Si

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    I just got my ct200h (wife calls it my x-mas gift, and to be honest I won't complain with that). Previously had a 2007 Civic Si, I loved my little six speed, but it was time to grow up and get a more "adult" car. I am so glad my wife enjoyed the test drive, cause our other option was the subaru...
  2. from 2012 civic SI to CT200...

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    I found a decent deal on a 2011 ct200 with 28k miles in it. What kind of mpg I should expect really on the ct? Any issues with 2011 owners complaining about anything in particular that I should be worry about?? Thanks a lot guys! Hopefully I will be joining the ct club in the next couple of days
  3. Anyone hear about the Honda Civic Hybrid Lawsuit in California LMAO!

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    Besides the fact that the lady won almost $10,000 I think the funniest part about the lawsuit is that the Honda Civic Hybrid only gets around 30 mpg but claims to get 50 mpg? How does a freakin Honda Civic Hybrid only get 30 mpg. That is what I want to know. Anyways, Honda is going to lose a...
  4. Consumer Reports slams new Honda Civic

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    Consumer Reports slams new Honda Civic Consumer Reports slams new Honda Civic - AutoWeek