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  1. Cheapest Cars to Own

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  2. Cheapest site to purchase Trident wheels

    Lexus CT200h Suspension/Wheels/Tires
    Can you guys post where and how much you paid for the Trident wheels? Sewell has them for $208 a piece, but I'd obviously like to get them cheaper. Thanks.
  3. Cheapest place to buy wallet Smart Key?

    Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    Hi All! Contemplating the wallet-sized Smart Key for my CT - any experiences with the cheapest place to buy this? Sewell, with the member's discount, is showing $255 - genuine OEM of course. Thoughts?
  4. Top 10 Cheapest New Cars You Can Buy

    Lexus CT200h News and Reviews
    You can sound polite and say "inexpensive" but if you're strapped for cash, the most important question when shopping for a new car is: what's the cheapest car on the market? AutoGuide has got the answer, along with the nine runners up. Arguably the most fun to drive car on the list, the Mazda...