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    Cover your eyes, hide your kids, hide your wife! Here’s a rundown of the ugliest cars you can buy today. Read more>>
  2. Lexus CT200h News and Reviews
    The 2019 J.D. Power U.S. Initial Quality Study has been released, giving us a complete rundown of what the highest quality cars are by segment for this year. Read more >>
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    Hey all, I'm a new owner of a CT200H. I recently bought a 2015 base model in October 2017 and absolutely love it. This is my first vehicle newer than 2005, so some of the newer technologies are unfamiliar to me. I had one problem with the CT and I'd like to have a better understand of why this...
  4. Lexus CT200h News and Reviews
    Read more about the Cheapest Cars to Own.
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    Read more about Love Cars? Then You’ll Love These Amazon Prime Day Deals at
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    See the complete Top 10 List and All of Our SEMA Show Coverage at
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    For all of this story, Luxury Cars That Don’t Need Premium please head on over to
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    Read the complete story on the safest green cars under $35,000 at
    We are glad to introduce you our new section that includes covers for...everything! Protecting your vehicle, equipment, and other belongings becomes easier with our huge collection of protective custom made covers. We really understand how disappointing the spills, scratches and other damages...
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    See the Top 10 Cars of the 2015 Detroit Auto Show at
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    So I just scheduled my 10k maintenance but the lady on the phone was telling me that it is free for cars purchased new. Does this mean they're going to stick me with a bill when I show up? If that's the case, I'll change the oil myself. Just wanted to hear feedback from any other members that...
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    If you want to be seen driving around in a seriously retro ride, then we suggest a trip to the Auburn Auction Park in Auburn, Indiana this weekend. The annual Auburn Spring Auction is kicking off with 900 cars hitting the block, including some serious gems of the MTV era. We've compiled a list...
  14. Lexus CT200h News and Reviews
    We're not going to lie, this one starts a little slow, but by the end you'll have shivers running down your spine. What you see in the video from the onset is only the very start of this sinkhole that eventually grows to swallow an entire line of cars, and a whole lot of additional real estate...
  15. Lexus CT200h News and Reviews
    Your collection of HotWheels and die-cast cars has nothing, and we mean nothing, on Billy Karam's toy car collection. Comprised of over 30,0000 model cars, it's the largest such collection in the world an even boasts a Guinness Book of World Records certificate to prove it. Watch this Video...
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    As close to an auto-industry crystal ball as any single page on the internet can be, we've launched a new Future Cars section dedicated to reporting on the latest in what's coming next. There's an old belief that concept cars never make it to production. On the contrary, they almost always do...
  17. Lexus CT200h News and Reviews
    If you had to pick a theme for the 2014 Detroit Auto Show, performance would be a pretty logical choice. What else would you suggest, bankruptcy? Yes, Detroit is coming close to overtaking Buffalo as the most depressing city in the U.S. But at least this year's show is chock-full of exciting...
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    Yet another SEMA Show gone by, yet another million plus square feet of sheer custom car insanity. In a town where weird is normal, the masses of modified cars seem at home. Turbochargers the size of volleyballs are often wedged into Honda Civic engine bays and nobody bats an eye at airbrushed...
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    Geographically speaking, the Frankfurt Motor Show is one of the biggest auto shows in the world. Aside from being a venue to wear holes through countless pairs of sweaty dress socks, it's a place where a venerable collection of sheet metal is sure to arrive every two years. If the 2013 show...
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    Winter's icy stranglehold on the northern hemisphere has finally been broken. After months of gray skies and freezing weather spring is finally in the air. Automakers are responding to the warmth and sun by emerging from product hibernation. Companies located in places ranging from South Korea...