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  1. Newer owner just leaving a positive review for potential buyers

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    Hey all! I just wanted to leave a quick positive review of my new to me '11 CT. I know most of us only post when we are upset about something, so I thought it would be nice for people looking to hear some of the good. For quick reference, I've owned about 25 cars in my 26 years of driving (plus...
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  3. 2nd day and having a little buyers remorse, I may need a driving lesson-HELP

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    Hello everyone, I’m a complete rookie so be gentile! Just sold my 2001 LS430 with 150k trouble-free miles and decided to go for some MPG's with a little style. Obviously, the size and comfort of the LS is unsurpassed; I even got 25mpg's on long road trips, like driving to Vegas. In the real...