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  1. AC button wear, any way to clean it?

    Lexus CT200h Appearance and Body
    80% of the CT I see online or in person have these finger oil prints on the fan buttons. Is there a way to clean it off? I've tried rubbing alcohol, but no dice. See these images for reference: Talking about the darker, circular colors on the fan buttons. Some are worse than others.
  2. Just Bought 2013 CT200h Advance

    New Member Introductions
    Hi All, Hello from Ireland! I have been monitoring this thread from afar while weighing up my options for a new car - thanks for l the threads so far. I traded in my 2008 Passat Sport for 2013 CT200h w/55k miles and so far, I love it! I am a triathlete and having a bike rack I don't feel like...
  3. Fuel door/and button plus light issue - all tied in one. Please help!!

    Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    Hi all, I have a very peculiar issue that happened last night that I hope you can help me with. I tried to search for this but have had no luck. Here goes. I filled up my 2012 CT yesterday as I normally did, with regular 87 gas from the same station I always go to. I did top off an extra half...
  4. EV Button Not Engaging When Pushed

    Lexus CT200h Engine and Technical Discussion.
    Recently, like two weeks ago, my battery appears to be charging but when I push the EV button and at a stop or under 25 MPH, the EV light won't come on anymore when I push the EV button. Not sure if it's the battery or not as when driving on the highway, the arrows show I'm getting battery and...
  5. Problem Going Into EV Mode Using the EV Button

    Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    I signed up for this forum when the CT200 had first came out in May 2011. I still have my car a little over 5 years later. I have a problem in that when I push the EV button near the shifter, going under 25 MPH and what appears to be a fully charged battery my car no longer goes into the EV mode...
  6. CT 200h SEL - adding an electric drivers seat and memory button- HELP guys

    Lexus CT200h Audio/Electronics Forum
    Hi All Im new to the forum ;) As stated i bought my father the CT SEL thinking it would come with electric drivers seat but hey i was wrong LOL so here i am and is a surprise so keeping quiet for a minuite LOL. Its the SEL premier that has the electric seat as well as mark levinson and...
  7. traction control off button for 2014

    Lexus CT200h "How-To"/Do-It-Yourself
    I noticed at the showroom that the new ct has a "trac-off" button. Does anyone know if we can adapt this to older CT's?
  8. When parking what do you do first park button or parking brake?

    Lexus CT200h Engine and Technical Discussion.
    Does it matter if I push the park button and then press the parking brakes. The manual says to press the parking brakes and then put it in park. Is there any difference? Thanks!
  9. Dash vinyl peeled off around Start button

    Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    I have a 2012 CT with 18,000 miles and a few weeks ago the vinyl dash covering peeled up around the lower right part of the start button. It is now stretched across part of the button outer ring. I called the dealer and they never heard of this happening (of course) but have not had time to...
  10. What happens when you hit the Power Button while the car is in motion

    Lexus CT200h Engine and Technical Discussion.
    I have this phobia someday someone (like my kids) will press the Power Button from the passenger side while the car is moving say at 60-80 km/h. I hope the CT has this failsafe that the Power Button can only be turned off while the car is at a full stop but I am not betting on it. I tried...
  11. Dropped coin into the slot between the lock and open button of the glove box

    Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    My beloved child has put a coin into the slot that is between the lock and the open button of the glove box (see picture). Do you know any way to take it out of there as it rattles from time to time? Have tried some magnets, with no result...
  12. Windows locking button disables even the driver's windows buttons

    Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    Another really stupid thing just discovered. The button to lock the functionality of opening/closing windows, not only locks the windows for other passengers, but locks them even for the driver! So when a child plays with the window and you want to close this window, forget it. You lock the...
  13. Nuluxe trim around push button start/stop.

    Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    Not sure if this might happen with other CT's, but the nuluxe trim around the power button happen to loosen up somehow (high heat possibly), where eventually it did show around the chrome on the power button. I contacted the dealership and they simply removed the button and reinserted the nuluxe...
  14. Hitting the EV button at every stop

    Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    I'm curious, as you are coming to a stop sign or stop light will hitting the EV button get you better mileage since, doesn't it take a lot of fuel to go forward from a complete stop? Assuming you have enough juice each time, let the electric motor propel the car with forward momentum then the...
  15. DISP button on steering wheel not working

    Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    The DISP button on my steering wheel (right hand side) doesn't do anything. The DISP button on the joystick works as expected. Did the factory forget to wire this up, or am I doing something wrong?
  16. What is the function of this button?

    Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    Filtered air? If so, is the air not always filtered?
  17. Power button left on

    Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    :o Yesterday I was talking and not thinking and walked away from my ct without pushing the power button I read that the hybrid drive shuts down after a period of inactivity is this so and did I do any harm to my car I returned after 3 hours
  18. Ev button location

    Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    After picking up my ct i was driving home and upon pulling on to my street I pushed the ev button and the car stopped what had happened I pushed the button with out looking and I pressed the park button I have done this twice I guess I should look before I press has this happened to anyone else...