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  1. Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    So I just got back from a short 4 day trip and my tree pooped all over the car due to a heavy storm followed by a scorching sun to bake it in. I’m usually pretty good about washing out all the gunk right away, but this time it was too late. The gunk that was directly on the paint washed off...
  2. Lexus CT200h Classified forum
    UPDATE: SOLD. I'm selling a genuine Lexus Matte Brown Ash Burl Wood Dash Panel for $129.00 with shipping included. The cheapest price online is $152.50 from Sewell Lexus so this is a pretty good deal. I bought it directly from Lexus but ended deciding that the Bamboo Wood Panel looked better...
  3. Lexus CT200h Suspension/Wheels/Tires
    Hello, I have made some pictures of my Sienna Brown Lexus with my new matt bronze wheels from 5Zigen. I am curious what you all tjink of it. I like the car a lot and I am very happy with everything. Greetings, Vincent
  4. Lexus CT200h Pictures
    Smoky GRANITE mica ct200h !!! exclusive photos !!! LEXUS CT200h | Facebook
  5. Lexus CT200h Pictures
    A new pic I came across
1-6 of 6 Results