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  1. Aussie CT200h owners, what did you pay for yours?

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    Hi Aussie CT200h Owners After test driving a couple of CT200h's, I am hooked. A bit strange considering my previous cars include a WRX and VW GTI! LOL. So now I am looking to score a good deal on one. Be interested to know what other Aussies paid for theirs. Thanks in advance. Tomatoefrog.
  2. Sydney Aussie New Elysium Blue Sports Premium

    New Member Introductions
    Hi All, Just heard my new CT should be ready for collection on Tuesday. Traded a old Subaru 3.0R B Spec due to fuel usage for a Sport Premium with F Sport Wheels and Tinted Windows. Looking forward to not giving Caltex $20 a day and some softer suspension, but not looking forward to the...
  3. Aussie F sports

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    Hi we have had our CT since Oct.Just love the car.traded a 2008 Camery. We have the F Sports.Pearl White.With Ivery leather.No moon rooof.