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  1. Attention - Changes to the site newsletter

    Community Help
    Hello, We are pleased to announce we are implementing a new method in which we send out site newsletters. The new newsletter will have a cleaner template and sent out to patriating forum members once a week. We have added an example below of how it will look. This change will not have any...
  2. Attention - Upcoming Password Changes

    Community Help
    Hello Everyone, Per the latest announcements we will be resetting everyone’s passwords. Shortly you should be receiving an email directing you how to change your password. It will look like this: As you can see it will give you a randomly generated temporary password, as well as telling...
  3. Attention - Password and Security Update

    Community Help
    Hello all, Over the next few days we will be implementing some changes to our forum password strength and password expiration policies. To make sure you continue having the best experience possible on the community, we regularly monitor the site and the Internet to keep everyone's account...
  4. ATTENTION Moderators!!!!!!!

    Community Help
    Get rid of all these ****ing bull**** spam threads about fake documents or cell phones for sale or I'm out. I don't want to click on New Posts and see ten threads about unlocked iphones and fake ID's and documents. This forum already moves slow as ****! Fix it! I'm sure I'm not the only one who...
  5. Attention F-Sport owners (metal scuff plates/door sills)

    Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    I have a F-Sport with the stainless steel non-illuminated sills. I was under the impression that the F-Sport had the stainless steel sills in the front doors as well as the rear doors. Since I rarely go in the back seat I guess I just didn't notice that my rear sills are the standard plastic...
  6. Attention Lexus Sales People

    Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    Wow, I'm confused. Please answer this simple question. YES or NO Is Lexus (manufacturing) accepting orders from it's dealers? I've been told NO repeatedly. I've been told the only chance at this point to get a CT is to take a best match off the truck. Get on the wait list and you are waiting...
  7. Attention Current Lexus Owners

    McGrath Lexus of Chicago
    If anyone has a current Lexus and wants to buy a CT, you qualify for $1,000 Loyalty towards the CT here at McGrath Lexus Only qualifier is you have to either finance or lease the CT and you have to currently own the Lexus. Any question's, please feel free to contact me.