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  1. Farewell to CT, Hello to Accord

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    So after my 2012 CT200h was declared a total loss I decided on getting a new 2014 Accord Hybrid EX-L. As the Daft Punk song says, its "Bigger, better, faster, stronger".... It has every bell and whistle my CT had and more. Also a plus looking out from the driver's perspective the view reminds...
  2. 2014 CT200h F sport or 2014 Accord Hybrid EX L?

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    I owned a 2012 CT200h premium model and was recently in an accident. It has been recently determined that the car is a total loss, so I need to buy a new car here soon. I've narrowed my choices down to either a new CT200h F sport or a new Accord Hybrid EX L. Which car do you all think I...
  3. 2014 Honda Accord hybrid, more compelling then the CT?

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    In the January issue of Car & Driver, they had an article on why the Accord (ICE engine) and BMW 3's has had a dynasty year over year for making the Ten Best Cars. In the final paragraph of the article they go on to say "In some ways, the 3-series feels like an expensive Accord, which feels like...
  4. 2013 Honda Accord Hybrid news leaked

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    Rumors has it it can go about 10 miles on the battery alone at 62 mph and it's not a plug-in, a little less then the Prius plug-in. Can't wait to see if that is true. Details Leak on New 2013 Honda Accord | 2013 Honda Accord: Greatest hybrid game changer ever | Hybridcarblog