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  1. 100K Coolant Change Instructions

    Lexus CT200h of the Month Contest
    Newbie here in Southern California. Purchase a used 2013 with 23k on it last year and I just hit 100k this week. I went to the dealer today and bought coolant to change, assuming I would be able to find instructions online somewhere on how to change it. I found one sight, but it doesn’t look...
  2. 100k Mile Service! Yikes!

    Lexus CT200h General Discussion Forum
    Howdy....about 1k from hitting 100k miles...mostly highway driven....probably take it to the dealership for 1 last oil change by them as my warranty will expire at 100k and just want them to give it a last once-over as I will start doing routine maintenance on my own after 100k...I am thinking I...