I have been experiencing a clunk after going over a small pothole or bump on the road. I have checked upper ball joint, lower ball joint, sway bar link, inner and outer tierod, changed the top mounts, and brand new shock. I just can't think of anything else to look for the remedy of this clunk. Does not happen on a smoother compression like a dip on the road. It seems to only happen when the right side gets compressed.

Only thing I can think of is the sway bar mount bushing (most likely 2 of them under the chassis held by a 12 or 14mm) but would a worn out sway bar bushing make a clunking sound? My driveway is steep and every time I go up, I am almost up on 3 wheels. The right front is where the clunk is and that is where it gets compressed the most as i make a right in to the drive way. Any suggestion will be appreciated.