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Thread: Can dynamic radar cruise control option be installed by dealer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasonhunt007 View Post
    The salesman from the dealership I ordered from, tried to dissuade me from pursuing this option, and I suspect only to make an immediate sale without the special order.
    Lexus and their salesman who don't understand and won't order radar cruise are morons. The dealers should have more radar cruise on their lots but they are too stupid to order them. So then customers have to special order, and the dealers complain about that. most of them don't even know what radar cruise is.

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    How dare you claim a car dealer is stupid.

    I had this feature on my 2004 Toyota minivan and used it just about every day. Would love it on the CT, but as noted, hard to find unless you special order. Here's how I used it, however: in the city.

    Where I found it most useful was on those surface roads where there are long distances between street lights and 35-45 MPH speed limits. I'd set my cruise at 5 MPH over the limit, then just hang back and let traffic take me as fast as it goes.

    On the highways, I'd do the same thing, but set 10-15 MPH over the limit and then I'd go with the flow of traffic. As noted, if you get behind a slow mover, you will slow down (duh). So if you see someone going really slow, you should move over well before you normally would and then the RADAR doesn't "see" them and you don't slow down; you just pass.

    Oh the joys of adaptive speed controls...

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    Quote Originally Posted by midcow3 View Post
    I have it on my wife's Prius and it works great. I don't have any problem accelerating on Interstate with either the Prius or the CT200h and I cruise in the left lane with whatever the current rate is , usually 75-80+

    The only problem I have encountered with the adaptive cruise is when you come up behind a slower vechicle, if you are observant, it slows you down to their speed.

    Come drive with me, I'll show you how to negotiate the Interstates, I have become an expert which by the way is required in Houston
    Yessir! All day, everyday - passing turtles like its my CT!

    Honestly, though, people that complain about it being too slow just don't know what a slow car is. Try accelerating from 40 to 60 in a versa or one of those eco is like hell. Also, they shake uncontrollably!

    We have a double-wishbone suspension and while it isn't excitingly quick, just put it in sport for a faster throttle response and you will be on your way.

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