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Thread: Bad head gasket or bad head due to violent shudder

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    Jan 2019
    2012 CT200h 120,000 jackhammer engine sound on acceleration. Dealer said needed new short block due to warping. What? No dash (dummy) lights to indicate overheating problem. Check engine light reported misfiring on two plugs. $7,000 repair. I will NEVER buy from Lexus again after being scoffed at by Lexus national on helping with repair cost. Stupid question, but should my vehicle give me some sort of idea that there was a problem with overheating, or am I just an ignorant car owner expecting too much from Lexus engineering?

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    Aug 2013
    I have a similar misfiring and engine knocking under load symptoms that started last night, during a routine commute home from work. 36 mile trip, one way.

    It did rain and I suspected an electrical short or worst possible case, minor hydrolock with bent valves since we did have to cross a mildly flooding road way. But, the worst was deep down the list because the car has taken a variety of conditions in its last 6 years and never had issue.

    Motor had 1737xx miles when it started. I managed to make it home using almost all EV mode and do a cursory visual inspection - under oil cap condensation, undercarriage after removing the under tray, potentially shorted electrical connectors, coolant level, and top of engine. Nothing unusual. In the morning, the problem persisted indicating it’s not an electrical moisture issue.

    Genuinely terrified it might have squashed a valve and maybe even damaged a conrod from the jack hammer sounds it was making.

    It’s actually less racketing under higher load (more oil pressure? or maybe more EV assist?). If you drive with the needle in the middle of the economy gage (light ICE load), it’s at its loudest.

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    Aug 2013
    It turned out to be a Cyl #3 misfire due to a foiled spark plug. I have been doing more interstate trips that involve mountain ascents lately. The engine does burn a quart every 3k miles. I think it eventually fouled the plugs after 38k miles. I went 70k and 76k the last two plug changes so I’m suspicious of an underlying cause...which is likely the oil burning.

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    Oct 2019
    2012, 190k miles, started shuddering when first starting in morning, gave misfire cyl1 code, changed spark plugs and coils, still shuddered, engine temp light a few days later after bad misfire, coolant tank empty, steam from tail pipe when refilled and started. Suspected head gasket and mechanic confirmed. Presently in shop to begin repair. was purchased with 60k miles, great mileage. I heard engine was Chinese...I should have known. Chinese products always fail, ALWAYS! Anyone know if engine being Chinese is true?

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    Oct 2019
    It also seemed to start consuming more oil the last few oil changes before this happened.

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    Jun 2015
    San Diego
    Quote Originally Posted by hungry4des View Post
    I heard engine was Chinese...I should have known. Chinese products always fail, ALWAYS! Anyone know if engine being Chinese is true?
    The engine is Japanese
    Mine 2013 ES300h Satin Cashmere Metallic, Navi, HID Headlamps, Blind Spot Monitor, Rear Cross Traffic Alert..
    Wife's 2012 CT200h, White, Nav, Premium Audio, LED Headlamps, Leather Pkg w/Driver Memory Seat..

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    Sep 2018
    Long Post here, but hope i can help some folks out.

    i Had a shutter or JackHammer Banging when i did an oil change at 62,000 myself. 1st thing i noticed doing the oil filter, was that the Dealer gave me a different filter "?" no caps on top and bottom of filter

    2014 Fsport
    71,000 miles

    Anyway- Immediately shut engine off, checked fresh oil level, good, reopened access panel verified filter cup, good, restarted and No knock.. Hmmm, figured the different filter was at fault.. Walmart had the Correct capped end filter for $3.99 I'll give it a week see if it knocks and change it out..

    Research time..
    Atkinson cycle engine (it's not a Normal engine)..

    Exhaust Gas blow-by is inherent with this cycle of engine.. Carbon mess on the inside.. Valve retardation also allows the blow-by..

    Scoured the EGR cooler and pipe cleaning process.. Then i came across a guy on video Duplicating the dreaded JackHammer Banging by simply disconnecting the #1 fuel injector BANG BANG BANG reconnect and smooth..

    Same bang bang as Each injector was disconnected..

    i got to thinkn, and delved further into operations of Atkinson engines..

    With an Atkinson cycle engine we have exhaust gases moving Backward through the intake system, and sucked Back in for firing.. Plugging up your Fuel Injectors with carbon deposits.. Once an Atkinson engine is not firing a cylinder (bang bang) it has lost it's force pressure on the connecting rod.. Boom people throw a rod etc.. And the slapping takes out the head.. It's piston slap..

    JackHammer Bang SHUT ENGINE OFF
    Restart.. Do Not Let it bang.. if it will not clear-up pull injectors out for a carbon cleaning.. spring/ball pressure injectors, maybe replace them for a For-Sure it's clean thing..

    Whatever the dealer tells you-
    Do Not Continue Running Engine without a cylinder firing.. The bang bang will take it out.. Atkinson cycle engines Require piston pressure for operation..

    IF it's just a knock or two and smooth- GO dump a bottle of injector cleaner in the tank and fill it up.. 👍

    Myself, full injector bottle every month
    ==No Matter What==

    Everybody was on the right track with EGR carbon cleaning of EGR cooler-pipe-manifold.. But there's More carbon to the story..

    i was Way Too Nervous to allow that "updated" oil filter without caps to stay in there, changed oil again..

    Anyway, since that initial oil change Quick Bang Bang, nothing but smooth running.. So Far...
    (knock on wood (not the piston walls))

    Attached image is of the Correct oil filter for this Atkinson engine, oil blow-by prevention caps at both ends

    Hope this helps..
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Bad head gasket or bad head due to violent shudder-img_4031_1571180616145.jpg  
    Last edited by MichaelG65; Today at 08:38 AM.

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    Sep 2018
    ××Addendum×× someone chime in here

    i think there is another issue now that I've re-read my post..

    Since this engine pushes air/fuel back through the head, as well as exhaust, are we ALSO experiencing detonation in the head and intake "?"

    is this why Lexus Toyota jumps right to replacing intake manifold and head gasket (at our expense)?

    IF- since this is an Above average occurrence, and Documented (even if they say it's not)

    THEN- why are they charging us for a design flaw

    i will use my Fsport as a test, and disconnect an injector for a second.. I am having trouble realizing an injector (reducing fuel) would initiate the Bang Bang. I would be more prone to believe it's the spark plug he pulled, over-saturating the head with fuel causing the Detonation in the cylinder head..

    i will post a follow-up..

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    Junior Member MichaelG65's Avatar
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    Sep 2018
    It is SPARK PLUG/COIL that causes the JackHammer

    Cracked my engine cover taking it off to test this..

    Addendum is correct..
    Ordering spark plugs today for next oil change

    Here's a video Duplicating the JackHammer
    Last edited by MichaelG65; Today at 10:36 AM.

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    Sep 2018
    Guess I'm really just typing, re-reading what i type and deduce from there.. Hey it works.. 👍

    now we Know what the Bang Bang is, so WHY is the head gasket frying out at 120k or so??

    Gasket goes and fluids take out the spark and Bang Bang.. Although some experiences are without gasket failure are they not?? Plugs/Coil issue

    Maybe Thermal??
    is it the warming cycle not reaching desired temps for cylinder head? Although normal drive brings engine back online overcoming that so..

    is there an expansion differential fault between metals.. Like the stupid Exmark engines iron block aluminum head, have to check that.. Those engines Sand the head gasket every warm up and cool down..

    Are our blocks cast iron with aluminum heads??
    Gasket failure is inevitable with that, metallurgy and a matter of time..

    Let me post and re-read everything..

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