This is my first post, as I have only just bought my 2011 non-nav CT200h, and don’t collect it until next weekend. I’m just trying to get organised for the various things I need to do to make the car work for me the way I need it to.

I’m in Scotland, and here we have a DAB (digital audio broadcasting) radio system, as well as the fm and am bands. Unfortunately, the CT that I found did not have the DAB module fitted, and the solution I’m going to go with is to install the Pure Highway 600 DAB adapter. The visibly unit attaches to a dash mount, and is powered by batteries. The windscreen aerial with receiver needs a power feed, but I reckon I can run the cable behind the headlining in the roof and down the pillar to the fuse box without difficulty. The issue is how I get the audio cable connected to the stock head unit.

Looking at the location of the audio jack socket in the centre console , it seems like there is no way to have a cable plugged in and have the access door closed. My question is, 1) Has anyone explored a way to neatly route an aux audio cable into the compartment with the jack socket from below, so the little door can be closed during operation. Or alternatively, 2) Is there any other aux in audio socket, behind the dash?

I know that I could use the fm transmitter function of the adapter instead, but I would get a drop in sound quality. As I’m also considering using the Bluetooth function of the Pure Highway for my phone and music streaming, instead of the Lexus system, as the highway has a button that will activate Siri, without touching my iPhone itself, I want the sound quality to be decent. 3) Unless there is a way to activate Siri using a Lexus button, maybe someone could answer that for me as well.

Sorry for all the questions, but I really want to get the functionality I need, without spoiling the look of my Lexus interior.
I really do appreciate any help, or advice.