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Nitto winter tire

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by , 07-19-2012 at 12:51 PM (2525 Views)
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Just thinking ahead to my first winter with the CT200, and found a relatively inexpensive Nitto NT-SN2 that gets many excellent reviews. However, it only seems to be available on just one web site (, and it's not listed on the Nitto tire site. I spoke to a Nitto rep inquiring why they don't list it and he said that unless it's made available to "all" Nitto distributors/retailers...they don't list it on their site. Apparently, for unexplained reasons, supposedly they make this tire exclusivley for this one site. With all that said...does anyone have any experience with this particular winter tire ???? It doesn't come in the stock (U.S.) size 215/45/17, but there's a 205/50/17 that shouldn't be a fit/function concern. My other researched choice would be the Conti ExtremeWinterContact...opinions welcomed.
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