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Oil change

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by , 12-17-2011 at 08:46 PM (1616 Views)
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  1. aaronmcohen's Avatar
    My dealer recommended 10000 miles or after 12 months. Which ever one comes first. The Lexus Driver website has a full maintenance schedule.
  2. Johnnyk's Avatar
    Just changed the oil and filter in my 2012 CT myself at 5454 miles and although I must say the oil didnt look all that bad, there's no way anyone should wait till 10k to get it changed. The biggest problem there being the oil filter. I've done some homework on and i've seen the toyota oil filter and i can say its a piece of crap. Maybe a really good quality filter like the AMSOIL Ea15K01 (actual part # for lexus ct200h or prius) could last that long but not the stock toyota filter. Also i would recomend either fully sythetic AMSOIL or RED LINE, both are excellent with the later being the absolute best you can buy, its the only oil I use. Be smart remember Lexus/toyota maintenance plans are designed for whats best for the corporations not for whats best for your car.
    So about that pesky filter. Not only is the stock filter crap but its the cartridge type, you replace the actual filter media, not the whole filter, as you would with the can type.
    I'm happy to lay out the full procedure for doing the oil change if people would be interested, let me know.
  3. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxhookah66's Avatar
    For US drivers, make sure your synthetic engine oil is changed at least once a year or 10K due to high sulfur content of American gasoline. Lexus recommends initial oil change to be done at 5K. If you are really anal, use the DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung) LL04 designation for long life engine oils. This is the German auto industry designation of long life synthetic engine oils. BMW's CBS (Condition Based Service) recommends 25k/two years engine oil service. They are so adamant at this that they even eliminated the dip stick to discourage changing the oil just because it is black. To change the oil just because it is black is the thinking of yesterday. The engineers have specifically designed the Tianjin (Chinese) made 2ZR-HXE 1.8L Atkinson engine to be serviced at 10K interval. By the way, I will not use aftermarket oil filters for the 1.8L Atkinson engine other than the Toyota OEM due to blow by pressure issues.
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