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Best Gas for 2011 CT 200h

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by , 04-11-2012 at 10:52 PM (3151 Views)
Can anyone answer the proverbial questions regarding not only which is the best octane level of gas for the Lexus CT 200h, but what brand of gas works best for optimal mileage and why? The manual says 91 octane, but the dealer says 87 is perfect for all four cylinders and anything more than this is just wasting money; and other Lexus owners are cringing that I would anything less than 93 in the car. Also which brand of gas works best? The oder from best to worst that I have been quoted is Sunoco > BP > Chevron > Mobile > Shell and that unbranded gas is BAD!!! Incidentally I am getting 40-42 mpg and an occasional 44 mpg using only premium (using AccuFuel app on an iPhone to calculate - 2 mpg less than the number given by the car gauge), but find it hard to get to the "better" branded gasolines. Finally, how much of a decrement in non-mpg performance (i.e. pick up, top speed) can I "expect" if I use only 87 octane; or stated differently, can I "expect" to get significantly better non-mpg performance by always using 93 octane?
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  1. aussiect200hfsports's Avatar
    Hi.I live in Australia.We use 95 octan.That is the hand books saying so.The dearler all so recondmend so.We could void our warranty if we use any thing less.
    A good rule of bying petrol.Is to by from the same garage each time.Or the same company.But with modern engines,thay can adapt to different grades of fuel.
  2. theocanada's Avatar
    My car says regular 87. My buddy works at chevron and see the testing the gas goes through compared to all the other gas. he says they are tied for the best among mobile and shell. others build up more stuff on engines.
  3. Johnnyk's Avatar
    All gasoline comes from the same place. Differant companies add differant additives to their brand but at the end of the day its all the same. Dont believe any of the marketing non-sense about gas. Most importantly buy gas from busy stations its more fresh, that most definitelly matters
  4. Johnnyk's Avatar
    BTW octane has no bearing on MPG.
  5. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxhookah66's Avatar
    The powerplant of ct200H is a Tianjin (Chinese) made 1.8L Atkinson variant 4 cylinders dohc 4 valve/cylinder normally aspirated fuel injected engine, it is a low compression high rpm engine, therefore AKI rating is not an issue. There is a range by which the built in sensor will self adjust timing to eliminate "knocking". Remember in the US the gasoline rating is based on AKI (anti knox index) while most of the rest of the world uses RON (research octane number). The AKI value is typically lower than RON. PS: In the old days, I used to retard my timing mark whenever I buy a load of cheap gas. I shined the timing strobe on the flywheel and retarded the timing mark by carefully listening to the engine "knock" disappear ... Yes, it is totally unscientific but it worked!!!
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  6. kerkwards's Avatar
    I have a 2012 CT200h in Canada. I bought the car new 22 months ago and have 80 000 km. My dealer told me to use regular fast (87). The octane level has no bearing on fuel efficiency. The best advice i have received has been to take it in for regular servicing at the scheduled time (every 8000 km). To ensure even higher than rated fuel efficiency do not accelerate aggressively and keep track of your odometer meeting every time you fuel up to determine you car's fuel consumption rate.

    I am frequently consuming at a rate of 3.8L - 4.9L / 100km