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2012 CT200H Let downs

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by , 12-03-2011 at 03:20 AM (2211 Views)
Overall, I love my car. A true 39 MPG is outstanding fuel economy and because I drive over 1000km / week this has proven to be a welcomed surprise.

My let downs are that it did not come with
1) it did not come with option of having a roof rack (which I was promised it would) because the cargo area of the hatch is tiny
2) the glasses holder don't hold my Oakley sunglasses
3) the cargo tray I wanted continues to not be available
4) the Touring package upgrade (that I have) won't read my phone list from my blackberry so I have to enter every number individually......my $200 Garmin GPS will but my $42 000 care won't.
5) engine is loud on the highway

Other than that the car offers fuel economy and looks great. Your thoughts wrt my let down's are appreciated.
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  1. Markocampo's Avatar
    I have Yakima racks and holds three mountain bikes on my CT
  2. aaronmcohen's Avatar
    I just bought a ct 200h.

    1) I was able to get one road bike in the back without taking off the wheel. Thinking of buying a yakima. @Markocampo: How do you like the Yakima? How hard is it to take it off/on? Thanks
    3) Which cargo tray are you waiting for?
    4) Which blackberry do you have? I have no problems with my iPhone.
    5) It is loud but quieter than my SUV. I use the sound system to make up for it.
  3. mtnbkr1984's Avatar
    My biggest complaint is the road noise. Only on a select few highways is it quiet. Never is it "Lexus Quiet"
  4. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxhookah66's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by mtnbkr1984
    My biggest complaint is the road noise. Only on a select few highways is it quiet. Never is it "Lexus Quiet"
    very interesting comments... The quietness of Lexus is indeed deafening, and all Lexus rode like a Buick satisfying the appetite of a middle aged bald toothless man. My 2002 RX300 was silky smooth and extremely quiet thanks to its Bridgestone tires, but this was the source by which a lots people attributed Lexus to ride like a refrigerator. The introduction of "sport" version of RX450 in 2013 was to deal with this shortcoming. I test drove the ct200H, yes the ride is taught, you do feel the road noise; but it wasn't harsh like the BMW 3 series with its ultra hard rft's. The electric recirculating ball steering is sort of dull, but not much different than the 2012 F30 3-series BMW's. For me, I welcome the taught and harder ride of ct200H.
  5. RedCT200h's Avatar
    I install the rear 1/4" towing hitch and purchase the basket for the ATV to expand my cargo ability. Working good but it in the open and you have to tie down and have cover ready for the weather.