Crazy car stereo insurance story. Need help!
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Thread: Crazy car stereo insurance story. Need help!

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    Mar 2017

    Crazy car stereo insurance story. Need help!

    Soooooo, my wife spilled a latte all over the climate controls and center console of our 2013 CT200h w/navigation. It shorted out the climate controls (module with the clock), but everything else seems to work fine. Insurance said they would cover the costs of repairs. I went to an insurance approved repair shop, but they said they weren't equipped to deal with these sorts of electronics. Insurance then told me to take straight to Lexus for repairs. Here's the estimate for repairs.............brace yourself.

    Crazy car stereo insurance story.  Need help!-dash.jpg

    LABOR: 403.20

    | |
    | 3. LE86804-76080 COVER SUB-ASSY, NAVI 9892.39 |
    | 4. LE55905-76060 KNOB SUB-ASSY, CONTR 543.65 |
    | 5. LE55912-76020 BASE, HEATER CONTROL 79.66 |
    | 6. LE55935-76060 CIRCUIT, CTR CLUSTER 814.14 |
    | |
    | PARTS: $11329.84 |
    | LABOR: $ 403.20 |

    LABOR: 1223.04
    | |
    PARTS: $ 0.00
    | LABOR: $ 1223.04 |

    PARTS: $11329.84 |
    | LABOR: $ 1626.24 |
    | SHOP SUPPLIES: $ 20.00 |
    | TAX: $ 1232.73 |
    | ================ |
    | TOTAL: $14208.81 |

    $14,000!!!!!!! Lexus wants to replace the entire Navigation system (that's currently working) at a cost of $9800 + labor!! Here's my questions:

    1) I've found all the parts for the navigation system (screen, computer, cd player) online and used for less than $1000. Has anyone had any experience replacing any of these modules? My only real concern would be replacing the computer and whether or not it would interface with with my car without series issues. I also have serious doubts whether the latte has affected the computer module as it appears to be in a sealed metal case.
    Is it plug and play?

    2) This would be the most likely scenario if it can work. Has anyone ever replaced the stock stereo in a ct200h w/navigation? Would be awesome to put in a head unit with carplay and all the newest tech while still interfacing with the car itself. Insurance can't write the check to me because I'm still financing the Lexus, BUT I could to into a high end car stereo place and say, "I've got $10,000 to replace my stock navigation unit, go to town!"

    Would love some opinions. Thanks!!

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    Mar 2016
    I've seen the climate control unit on our UK eBay site for about £100. Very cheap used part. That's all I'd replace there and just clean everything else up. Your dealer is certainly going way over the top and the prices are ridiculous. I wouldn't bother with them.

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    Mar 2017
    Just got the car back from Lexus. Had them fix everything except the navigation. Right now everything is working perfectly fine. Now I need to figure out what to do with the extra $10,000

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